S1E30: Live Infograph Explanation of Deep State, Federal Reserve, US Gov, and Biz

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  • elixirsoo reply I disagree with your theory for several reasons, Michael. There is no doubt in my mind that huge amounts of money *have* been funnelled, by the 'deep state,' into very expensive black projects. The resulting technologies are far more likely to have nothing whatsoever to do with any off-planet beings. The US also 'acquired' a vast amount of scientific personnel and knowledge after WWII, which cannot be discounted. The wars have enabled the CIA to 'earn' huge amounts from drugs and human trafficking, which also supplies income to black projects. There are a lot more 'secrets' in the rabbit-hole and the recent leaks are just the tip of a very big iceberg. Thank you for taking the approach you have and sharing ideas. All of these things need to be seriously addressed instead of sensationalised. Take care.
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