Stop complaining about Vidme

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  • the_epilepsy_guy reply I totally agree!
  • Matsuoka_Alice reply I didn't watch your whole video, but let me give you my feedback here, i will complain because an admin of vidme is abusing her/his power and bypassed my subscription restricition to watch, for free, my content. Nothing isn't perfect but Vidme is damn crappy.
  • KangalBro reply I just created my channel and plan on using it WITH my YT account. I have 17 YT subs and I'm not complaining. That's 17 more than 0. Making money would be awesome but I'm not gonna throw a fit. I have a job for that reason. I'm just doing what I love and trying to share it with the world. No sense in complaining about small things when it's free to use.
  • DestructionDane reply Obviously has it's pros and cons but I think the community in the upcoming months is going to have a boom period. I actually like the fresh uploads tab because it let's you discover small creators easier and build new connections. I honestly don't feel it's moving backwards. I think it can only improve from here.
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