If You're Normal, This'll Disturb the Crap Out of You! Is That YOU Podesta?

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  • TheGreyHam reply That creep needs to have his testicles cut off and crammed down his throat.
  • chance903 reply Please say this has been sent to the FBI
  • rocky52 reply Luke 17:2 β€œIt were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”
  • esisney reply Horrifying! Lord please hear the crys of these children and avenge them.
  • Shaharwolf1 reply My heart is so broken. Hanging is too good for perverted assholes like like the Podesta's, Alefantis, Maria Abromovitz, The Clinton's, Besta Pizza, Pegasus Museum, and everyone who attends their "Spirit Cooking" rituals. They're all perverted, less than human, worthless, nonhuman beings. That's all. They're one step below the fleas and tick of the earth, if they're worth anything at all.
  • dannyk303 reply disturbed is not the right word. i don't know a word that could describe first the fear i felt for the child that turned into anger/blackout kind of rage that creates the sadistic monster needed to stop these monsters. hangings too good for them burning is too good for them
  • TheRebCast reply I saw this footage a while ago. I didn't know either way if it was him. Now that your posting it. Really puts some legitimacy to it. What a crazy fucking family the podestas have.
  • ElvisMusicGlenPage reply same voice yes. Beyond sad and sick.
  • ImACarrot reply Put him in population ..
  • vgucci5473 reply We need to catch this mf and He needs to be tortured
  • politicallyincorrect reply I have the feeling i think pedo is normalizing. The FAKE NEWS says PizzaGate is false. This video is the best thing to demostrate that media like CNN are hiding this.
  • WisdomTruth reply PizzaGate is so deep
  • DieNetaDie reply killing is too good for people who prey on children, if this happened near me I SHOULD be willing to go to jail to stop this
  • Jlaguna981 reply With all the spotlight shedding light onto this dark subject, I'm wondering if it's having any effect on perverts like these knowing that they are now being watched. We might not be able to do much about bringing them to justice, being that the system would simply give them a slap on the wrist, but what we can do is wake up up the reality and stop supporting the system with our silence, votes, money, groveling and complacency. Perhaps it would be best if perverts like these were put in prison along with other criminals to see how much they last. It could also be televised as a way to raise the ratings of the dying cooperate media. Things are coming to light in this Age of Knowing.
  • Chrisfragger1 reply John Podesta.
  • NIN777 reply Anyone who would torture & abuse little children is simply pure evil. To hear a child scream out in pain and fear is beyond disturbing. For me it is the same as seeing a poor animal dying, it hurts to see an innocent life suffer.Even Jesus Christ said it would be better for people like this to be dead. So if you think God forgives everyone think again. Nope, not pedophiles and baby rapist & killers. Scumbags like this will BURN in hell forever.πŸ”₯
  • freeasallgetout reply Until the owners and controllers of this world are stopped, this will continue. OWNERS b/c they own most everything, media, Hollywood, government, judges, police (not all, but the upper % that make the decisions) Good news, there are more of us than them. But we can't stop arguing about bathrooms, race, fake news, Russians, etc. That's why it's something all the time to keep us from banding as one to get rid of this world wide plague of satanic scum. Until everyone is awake, thinking on the same level, they will stay in control. It's divide and conquer, to bad we can't use this against them.
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