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  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply It's really an unfortunate coincidence that your character's journey happens to follow these guys daily routines, but you know they've had enough of you running around in their kitchen when they go from being too lazy and unmotivated to walk all the way around a table to catch you to going all velociraptor-coordinated attacks on you. I mean, those two were PISSED kicking stuff over and throwing bottles around, it's like they could hear the real-life you calling them names. Come to think of it, like you said, what is it with these fatsos wanting to get the little girl in the raincoat? I mean, they're eating what one might assume to be perfectly good food, but the second any of them see you they flip out like they're having withdrawal and you're crack. Did you notice that there was a CHAIR behind that mirror...I mean, if it weren't messed up enough trying to imagine what goes on, somebody sits there...DOING WHAT??? What is implied? Don't think it was a coincidence that in the VERY ...moreNEXT ROOM the cook was 'taking out his anger on the meat' aka beating the meat. Notice that in the hallway up the elevator, they didn't swallow the protagonist, she ended up beneath them. Conspiracy theory Villain is just warming up here. There is definitely a human sex trafficking theme popping up here. Thinking of it in that light makes it deeply satisfying when that one fat jerk fell off the balcony. No no no, but lets go down this rabbit hole a little further, shall we. This little girl is obviously the victim of human trafficking because she's on a ship, in other words being trafficked. There is the handler at the beginning, the filthy hands that prepare her to be 'meat' for the greedy monsters, the books are symbolic of the protagonist's new "education" and you see the long arms of the handler cannot be escaped. Then there are the cooks who are like under-pimps who are just supposed to serve the product to the customer but are obviously sampling as well. The little girl starts out innocent, but as the nightmare goes on, she is unable to relate with the other "children" who now seem like alien creatures to her. Even the offer for food is highly symbolic not just because it looked phallic, but because it was representative of the "hurt people hurt people" trope wherein this child is hungering (maybe symbolic of a need for love, notice that she knows how to show healthy love through most of the game until now), however, she can no longer distinguish between love and prey now. This is reinforced by the fact that it started with a rat and worked up to another child (as many abuse victims begin to repeat the cycle of abuse with animals before moving on to people). I'm going to go as far as saying the "creepy lady" you're about to follow will somehow represent some embodiment of the cycle of abuse - THAT is a prediction. Let's see if I'm right.
    • [ – ] Neilist parent reply Holy shit, this is amazing, I totally agree with everything in this... But yeah.. the chair behind the mirror.. a disturbing indication of what was happening in this den of debauchery. ALSO, the little guy next to the sleeping big one, I want to believe this was a practical joke the tiny guy was playing on the sleeping fat man, putting his hand into a warm bucket of water, perhaps the developers inserting some light hearted humor, but I think it's showing that the little gnome child still has his innocence, not yet corrupted by the environment as rain coat girl is. With the offering of the aforementioned phallic food by the unfortunate victim of the protagonist, I think that was (in addition to what you said) the little guys seeing, in this monster the little girl was becoming, their own salvation from this accursed place, and trying to appease her, or thank her for what she is doing.. a possible "evil to fight a greater evil" type thing... the monstrous creation taking out its own cr...moreeator.. perhaps they're wrong though, and she'll leave without them.. You have come to some conclusions that I wouldn't have even thought of.. my own thoughts led to the children ending up as food.. a delicacy of the fat people, why they freaked out so much to eat her instead of the already prepared food on their plates... I really like this much darker train of thoughts you took though, and it makes too much sense..
      • HeroicVillain parent reply Oh, I'm full of all kinds of dark thoughts. Now lets check Reddit and 4chan to see if anyone else has thought of this... NOPE! If this fan theory blows up, you heard it from the Villain first right here on 6/27/2017 - BAM! I'm still betting that in some shape or form the protagonist will fill the role of the main antagonist (the brothel madam perhaps) or conversely perhaps the final boss battle will symbolize BREAKING the cycle of abuse by NOT becoming the monster. idk cause I have never seen a playthrough of this game. I'm looking forward to overanalyzing it in the comment section.
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