A Crash Course on Yooka Laylee

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  • [ – ] Tai_Moya reply (Comment before watching) people been giving bad rep to it. Honestly it seems really good but missing a bit. I would def. Buy it for like 20-30 dollars. I'll see. Do you think it's worth the current prize? Or should I wait for it to be lowered? Ty
    • [ – ] TheShadowHatter parent reply Honestly the best short review I've seen people give is, if you loved Banjo Kazooie and you want to play a game almost exactly like it (right down to even camera problems and the like), then go buy the game. For me it's a decent game, but I wouldn't pay $20-$30 for it. Luckily I backed it early on when it was around $15 so im okay with that price. In the end it's up to each person to decide for themselves honestly. I haven't played much after this video so my first impressions were it was ok but had some things I didn't like about it that apparently fans say was part of Banjo games.
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