My Thoughts On The Nintendo Switch

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  • [ – ] FreshTechTV reply I love my switch tbh add me SW-7619-7630-2502, they definitely need bluetooth that is my biggest complaint
  • [ – ] omegajim reply The switch is solid, and will by one once more games, and yes I did watch the Nintendo direct, only two games I want from it. I need more games then that, and I will gladly buy it. Until then I have a lot of PC games to play. Great video, and glad that people like the Switch.
    • FullEffectGaming parent reply At least you understand that if there is not enough you want to play not to purchase it. There are too many who purchased it and are now complaining like it wasn't apparent what was coming.
  • Ms_K reply Dope video fam
  • Trap_Luverz reply I really want a switch. Good video.
  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply yeah! more honest Switch vids! This is awesome! I love my Switch, I can't wait to get more games and experience some multiplayer action! Followed and upvoted friend, I'd be interested in anything you have to say about this console!
  • SHONUFF79 reply Whenever I do pick it up I'll likely play it in handheld mode most. More than likely my wife will be the primary player of it so I prolly won't get to play it much lol.
  • MeekMeekGaming reply Hoping Nintendo talk about online services and update and get rid of the friends code. This system is what the PS Vita should have been.
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