My Problem With: The Spirit Box

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  • cowboy6591 reply I myself like paranormal studies but after 100 hunts and only one faint audio I realized it was my personal experiences that really got me off the couch. Most the time I walk in empty handed, no electronics, smoking or other distractions and take a nap, the lucid dreams during those naps are something you wouldn't believe if I told you. Edgar Cassie and Carl Jung studied this method of connecting and got far better results . . Most my friends call it meditating? It's just a bought of rem sleep during a nap to me. I'm like a dog, I can sleep anywhere any time and fall off quickly. There are exorcises for that.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Best piece of equipment?-----; Talking with the people involved with a notepad in hand is the best ghost hunting equipment one could have. Just ask everybody in the room to describe their latest vivid dreams, and synchronicity will scare the shit out out y...moreou. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ideas that pop into your head wile meditating?, Edgar believed those ideas are not random, they come from a collective unconscious thread of the telepathic thoughts of others living or dead.
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