Vidme - Getting Started and Verified

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  • [ – ] Kaleidoscope-Ish reply I am new to vidme too!!!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply THESE ARE REAL ADVICE!!! :D Glad to see this in the trending page. You are doing everything right. @Vidme Team Pick this video! Perfect video for newcomers.
    • Roamancing parent reply Thank you, Aiya. I have been learning by watching and listening, along with experimenting on my own. I like this platform and hope to see it successful.
  • [ – ] AsKaGangsta reply very awesome video! Glad i saw your video on trending :)
    • Roamancing parent reply Thank you! Just watched your latest video. Some wise advice in there, and you are right it is important to stand up for yourself and the communities you love. Good for you.
  • [ – ] Westley_Nash reply VidMe is really cool for creators, everyone gets the same chance to get views. YouTube sees videos uploaded & lost without any views. Verification is a great idea because it's a two way process, you prove you are a creator invested in the platform & so VidMe invest their platform in you 👍 Ultimately mutual investment is the only real way any community can prosper & development. Some really good tips here (especially avoiding drama 😎)
    • [ – ] JourneyToHealthierMe2 parent reply I am really liking Vid.Me so far :-)
    • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply Well said! Yeah, I suspect what has happened on YouTube is the advertising algorithm. More juice is given to the videos that are likely to gain YouTube ad revenue. I quite like the feeling of anticipation of newer platforms like this. A bit of that Wild West feel.
      • Westley_Nash parent reply Totally 😎 It feels fresh & new & like anything can happen. Like with the Wild West, we can either wait for someone to build our town for us or we can build it ourselves 😊
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply That's some really great tips, which is easy to follow - and some are even universal. You can't expect people to automatically engage with you unless you engage as well. And as many says: It's an awesome community so it's difficult not wanting to take part! I have never had more fun commentating than here. At least that's how I feel :D My advice is also 1) do content you're passionate about. Don't do something just bc others do it. Oh! 2) share with the social media and the sites you're on. Don't be shy. You have worked hard for the videos so ofc they should be seen! :D And if people got discords it's definitely worth joining the unofficial vidme, the vidmelove and the Drama Crew depending on what you want :D I'm in all 3 xD You can get to know people personally there and share your videos too :D
    • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply Great additional tips. As soon as I get my computer back, I am writing a blog post around this video, so if you don't mind, I will share your advice in the blog post with a link back to your channel.
      • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana parent reply Please do! Let's use one of the Internets more positive and effective forces: share the message so most people possible can use it^^ That's really sweet of you. Thank you❤
  • [ – ] redRomina reply This is a great video! I have a couple friends now who are trying to get verified here and I didn't know how to help. These are great tips!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Amazing how many find the verification concept a daunting task, but it's true, engage and be patient. This is an amazing video and so well thought out. Thank you for creating this.
    • Roamancing parent reply Thank you for your kind words. I had an old broadcast friend staying at my place last week and was explaining Vidme to him. As he got excited about it, I thought I'd make this to explain to my media friends how communities like Vidme work, as they get broadcasting but struggle with social media. I also teach at a post-secondary school and as I am liking the Vidme community I thought I'd create this to introduce my students to Vidme, as some of them have been creating wonderful videos.
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply I enjoyed that, and it's true, it's vital to be engaged... my main issue since joining has been that I haven't found many members whose posts appeal to me, so I've been taking my time following people, which, in turn, will affect the number of people following me... but with patience, perseverance, productivity, and positivity I can see there being good things on the horizon... I use the mobile app and don't see how to really search users or hashtags, so I'll need to login to the web browser, do some in depth exploration... one thing to keep in mind is that these things don't happen overnight... oh, and quick question, is that a Canadian accent I heard there?
    • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply Ha! That is indeed a Canadian accent. Whereabouts are you from? And yes, with any newer platform it takes awhile to find your community. I am happy to say though, at least for me, I've started to discover some interesting content creators on here, who I may not have discovered, had I not joined.
      • [ – ] frawstakwa parent reply I've really been inspired by my time here on vidme... I never really got into YouTube, but here it's different... I'm still working on finding content creators who catch my attention, but the ones I've connected with and brought on board so far make my time here worthwhile...
      • frawstakwa parent reply Originally from Chicago, currently NYC... I just happen to listen, ha ha...
      • frawstakwa parent reply Originally from Chicago, currently NYC... I just happen to listen, ha ha...
  • [ – ] duffy reply wow...great video! thank you for taking the time to make this :)
    • Roamancing parent reply I am glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully it will help a few people out. Thanks for your kind words and your generous tip.
  • [ – ] ZTV_Productions reply What can I say that hasn't already been said before? Very good tips. Patience is key. I've had to keep that in mind since coming to Vidme from Youtube. I messed up by burning myself out there, only to come here and have to deal with the 50 follower requirement. I couldn't help but feel that this was no better than You Tube. I'm throwing coins into a bottomless well and expecting to hear a splash. But the community here has been the saving throw. So to all the newbies...please stay. It will take some work and time, but good lord it's gonna be worth it!
    • Roamancing parent reply Yep, and part of the beauty in putting the work in to build your first 50 followers is in connecting with the community.
  • [ – ] IDEFINEME reply Thank you for this awesome video. I like how you even include advice from others
    • Roamancing parent reply I look forward to videos from you in the future. Do be sure to let me know once you have shared some.
    • Roamancing parent reply Thank you! And yeah, so many great people out there with experiences of their own, so would be silly not to collaborate, given the opportunity.
  • [ – ] YourSugoiStrwbry reply Hooray for more "how to get verified on vidme" videos :D
    • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply Not sure if you are being sarcastic here, but my intent on creating this was for my students and the media community I am a part of off of Vidme, to introduce them to the platform. For many people it helps to have a familiar face to them to introduce and ease them into a new space.
  • [ – ] ResearcherPodcaster reply Thank you for sharing
  • [ – ] TheCatandCap reply I thought it was rather informative,good work :)
  • [ – ] techmespot reply Wow!! That's very informational and Thanks for the links, You are awesome
  • [ – ] whako reply Well congrats on the verification and this is a great way to all those new to Vidme! Also welcome to all the new people enjoy your stay'
    • Roamancing parent reply Thank you. I am planning on telling my post-secondary school students about Vidme, so thought this video might help to introduce them to the space and get them off to a good start here.
  • [ – ] imperialterra reply hoah ship, i dont wanna use rebbit :<
  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply Thanks for the insights Roamancing! Good tips. I hope I may respectfully share things I disagree with. First, please keep in mind some creators are so busy creating it's hard to make time for customized engagement on other people's content. It's a good idea but it can be a challenge to make time to do it. Back when I was on YouTube I did however always do my best to reply to anyone who was kind enough to post a comment on my channel. A Video creator has to wear so many hats doing the equivalent of all the jobs that a large team in Hollywood does for a single famous person. If one aspires to be a video creator as a 1-person crew making do with the limitations of one's income, unless you're rich, it ain't easy - as I'm sure you know. Next, I very much believe that YouTubers with a notable following should be able to qualify for verification instantly if they pledge to Vidme to create either exclusive content or simultaneously release on YT. I feel this way because they've already dem...moreonstrated commitment to content creating so there's no reason to add automatic hindrances to them building a fan-base here. A 3gb upload limit can be reached by just 1 or 2 1080p videos. Next, I tend to be weary of terms like "community" that often come with expectations of group-think and conformity. For example, as a gay man (one who's put in years of work in equal rights activism), I don't feel I am part of the so-called LGBT community just because I am gay. I am an individual first and foremost and I judge people on a case by case people. I try to live by the non-aggression principal and also the golden rule. Next, I very much wish Vidme would ditch reddit and have those forums here at the Vidme website. Their goal is to "build the world’s most creator-friendly video community." To do this best, they need to make everything as easy as possible for creators. It would be easier for me to join a forum on Vidme while I am already signed in rather than have to go to another site, create an account there, do more work learning about how that new site works, and then engaging over there. What's more, in my firsthand experience, I found reddit to be very hostile place to self-promoters. I think one of their admins once told me I have to pay to self-promote (just like Facebook and Twitter wants). Also, their "your posting comments too fast" restriction is easily triggered. Anyway, I still commend you for the information in this video. Again, you provide good advice here. Luckily I've been doing the things you recommended... I think... I hope : ) Lastly, I see you appear to be into travel too - so am I hope to resume my vlogs about my journey living in and traveling out of my SUV later this year. In the meantime, I have some weight to lose so it's all about walking for weight loss for me right now.
    • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply Thanks for your thoughts. A true community has nothing to do with conformity. If you knew me, you'd know that there is nothing I do to conform, as is the case with my team - I expect each of them to be their own person. Community rather serves to explain a shared connection, rather than conformity. We are all a part of many different communities in our life's. hopefully some of those communities are spaces that help to broaden ourselves and our ideas. I am only too aware that a creator has to wear many hats, but this is 'social' media not 'broadcast' media. That's the beauty of Vidme asking everyone to get 50 followers before getting verified. It reminds them of that 'social' element and helps them connect with others in the space. And 50 followers is a relatively small ask. I wholeheartedly disagree with you on giving those that have built up on other platforms a free pass, for several reasons. A) They don't end up engaging here, rather simply just share their YouTube videos here....more Commitment on another platform does not mean they will be committed on this platform, as we can see on here from many accounts. B) If they built big channels on other social media platforms, gaining 50 followers is generally no big deal. C) Do you see other platforms giving content creators a free pass, simply as they have large followings on other platforms - no. And I say all of this, not as the little guy, who is hating on the big guy, but as someone that could probably have gotten verified the first day, if I'd decided to go on my merits on other social media platforms. While I wish Vidme had other forums for sharing and discussing outside of reddit, they are wise to have such spaces off the Vidme site, as there are already plenty of spaces where these conversations are happening on the Vidme site. By having them in other spaces, they invite in a broader audience to the conversation. And while I may not be a huge reddit fan, they are connecting and engaging more people there than they are on twitter or Facebook. It is part of the nature of the beast. Incidentally if you do decide to wander on to reddit, the vidmeos subreddit is designed to share your own videos and is expected. Yes, I am into travel and culture. One of my ways of trying to make a difference in the world is by showing people how similar we all are around the world and rather than fearing our differences, learning about them. I look forward to checking out your travel videos, and in the meantime will checkout some of your weight loss videos. Incidentally, travel is always the biggest weight loss regime for me. Probably due to how much I walk. Thanks for your thoughts.
      • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply I also wanted to reply to your comment "One of my ways of trying to make a difference in the world is by showing people how similar we all are around the world and rather than fearing our differences" My reaction is 💗 I look forward to discovering your content more.
      • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply Thanks for sharing your perspective with me Roamancing. It's nice to engage with someone where there's disagreements yet civil exchange. If Vidme gave creators on YouTube (or any other video venue) expedited verification, they could include a requirement that the creator pledge to engage with their commenters on Vidme. If they are engaging with their fan-base on Vidme, that should suffice. Personally, I don't bother with channels if the creator does not engage with the commenters. What's more, if the Vidme newbie migrating from YouTube is posting new content here and not just re-uploads of their YouTube archive, that should suffice. Also, if the creator wants to move over to YouTube entirely and exclusively publish on Vidme, then Vidme should certainly embrace the move and verify them right away. If they can demonstrate a plan to be a Vidme creator intent on putting effort to grow here, it would seem making the path as easy as possible for the creator would be most consistent with t...morehe "build the world's most creator-friendly video community" goal. Also, since, as you claim, attaining 50 followers should be easy for a creator with a large following on another video venue then requiring the task to begin seems unnecessary. I actually did join Vidme's reddit pages and posted this: Proposed Alternatives To Vidme's 50 Follower Verification Requirement I get into my ideas more in depth there. Regarding total newbies, of course I understand that anyone coming to any video platform and expecting an instant fan base and not putting any or much work into it is absurd. I think most of Vidme's verification criteria is reasonable for newbies - except for the 50 follower requirement. I see a lot of creators here expressing frustration about discoverability. It's a catch 22. How do you develop a fan base if the only place your videos MIGHT be seen is on the New page? YouTube address this with the Creator Academy - but personally I've lost faith in YouTube for more reasons than I have time to explain now. Creator Academy is great. The venue, not so much anymore in my humble opinion. Hopefully Vidme can create something a little more extensive than the FAQ page as a guide for newbies - and if they do they should of course embed this helpful video by you. Another ideas: • different account types for creators and viewers/commenters - I never understand why video publishing sites treat viewers/commenters the same as creators • staff-labeling or community-labeling of a channel's status in a hierarchy - perhaps with labels like "New creator" or "Indie Creator" or "Underdog Creator" or "Advanced Creator" • Vidme could offer rewards/perks for large creators who mentor smaller channels Next regarding your take on reddit, all I can tell you is I attempted to join several groups there and nearly all of them forbid self-promoting. And I get penalized for being a fast (I'm not even that fast) typer with "your posting too fast, wait 5 minutes" flagging. Facebook and Twitter used to be wonderful places for self-promoting but now most "like" or "fan" pages I see get little engagement compared to how many followers the page has. Why? I theorize places like Twitter, Facebook and reddit only want to promote people who pay for their ad service. Even posts on personal profiles and in groups don't get much engagement anymore.
        • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply Yeah, healthy debate is good, as it gets us thinking and problem solving. You have obviously put a lot of thought into this and have some interesting ideas and structures for setting things up. We are going to have to agree to disagree, both on big YouTubers jumping the cue and on the 50 follower requirement, as both are about getting people to engage which is healthy for the platform and for building a community. I gained my 50 followers doing exactly what I laid out here, and they are all new contacts for me, as no one in my life is in Vidme yet, aside from a couple of travel bloggers who are not being engaged community members here, as they all jumped the cue and are just scheduling their YouTube videos to be shared on Vidme, rather than engaging on the platform. The issue with people seeing your content on twitter and Facebook absolutely has to do with the algorithms and favouring of sharing paid advertising. As for Reddit, all I can say is it is a better space then it use to b...moree, your experience can be totally different depending on the subreddit you are engaging on and the Vidme subreddits are pretty decent spaces. Also the 'slow down' thing doesn't seem to be happening on reddit any more, at least to me.
          • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply Thanks for your insights Roamancing. It will be exciting to see how Vidme evolves. I am very glad to see how much the Vidme leadership engages with the public.
            • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply Me too!
              • WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply After being on Vidme for about a week now, I think I see your perspective much clearer now. My perspective about what you meant in the content you were referring to about community has changed. It's wonderful to have a platform like this where we can find self-reflection and connect with like-minded folks, or even different minded folks who have things to teach us. In that context, finding community on VM is a beautiful thing. I see some channels that a posting on both YT and VM but they're not responding to people who comment on their videos. I don't think those types should be given auto verification. Only if they commit to engaging. Unless you're Lady Gaga or One Direction famous, I think all creators should reply to the viewers who are kind enough to leave a comment. Next, I've made a list of what I think are ways to be a good Vidizen here at VM: I try to be a good Vidizen here be engaging in follow for follow (excluding channels where the creator's ethics are incompatible w...moreith mine) other creators who are creating authentically-made, self-generated content, upvote for upvote, and I'll watch another creators' video and leave an original and relevant comment if they do the same. I also try to be a good Vidizen by replying to any comments or messages I receive - and, if I have time, replying to people asking questions on the VM reddit. What do you think?
  • [ – ] thetwstudios reply Great video. Gave me a lot of insight. Thank you very much!
  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply @Roamancing Really good video & thank you very much for the advice! <3 #makingithappen. :)
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