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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Wonderful story, thanks for sharing.
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply That's a great story! I've spent most of my life feeling like I don't deserve much, like I haven't earned the good stuff. Like I shouldn't feel good about myself because I haven't done enough to deserve that. This lady clearly needed a hug. Perhaps she was crying out for some sign that she was okay, that another human being thought she was lovable. Maybe she was carrying extreme guilt over a child that was in her care who got hurt. Maybe it was a past life incident coming around again. We don't always know what the trauma was, but even at that age you had the wisdom to cut right through to the truth - you shouldn't have to pay for a hug. Love is free, and everyone deserves it. Lots to ponder there. Thanks for sharing!
  • bowgallery reply Thank you for listening. I remember having that feeling thinking I don't deserve the things that I have. I advise everyone to avoid having those thoughts cuz they're very unproductive. You should always count your blessings but don't be ashamed by them. See which ones are beneficial to others and see what are only beneficial to yourself and embrace them. At least that's how I see it. I know when you get older people's start noticing you less. And I think she might have been going through something like that I don't know. I just hope that hug was something she needed and I didn't break her.
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