Xurious - It's Okay To Be White

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  • antihen reply Fuck JewTube.
  • Israel_Loanstein reply Oy vey! This is EXACTLY the same fashy music Hitler was playing when gassing my 5 year-old grandpa!
  • jaxoni_ reply Quality as always brother
  • [ – ] OffizierHashem reply This is not funny! My grandfather was a jew in the camps, he was in all of them. He was short, old & bald and the guards would smack him on the back of his head while making him listen to kazoo music. He was turned into a bar of soap on at least 3 separate occasions. When the camp was librated he was used as a lampshade by the commandant's wife. I curse you in the name of the 6 billion jews who died in the Holocaust.
    • Israel_Loanstein parent reply Please stop making this crude neo-nazi jokes. "He was in all of them"? You think this is funny? My grandmother was actually gassed in the Narnia (yes, it is real and this is why all those bodies/ashes were never found) camp and had to fight her way out in the camp colloseum fighting hand-to-hand with THREE nazi-gundams and a Volkdragon summoned by Himmler
  • Nornvik reply Yes it is, yes it is indeed!
  • SolomonShekelberg reply Great track, as always!
  • OffizierHashem reply This is one of your best, ever.
  • edurodri19 reply Where to download in FLAC?
  • Industro reply First I only despised YT, but now I´m starting to really hate the marxist assholes there.
  • Mr_Kringe reply So no more music on on yt?
  • gazorpazorp reply Dude just upload here, fuck YouTube
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