TRIGGERED! Why America Is Broken - Special Comment (NOV 3, 2017)

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  • julkip reply I like these episodes much more than you just screeching at stupid people.
  • juanesmit02 reply I like this vision because it's balanced and actively pursues equilubrium. That's what any society should want to achieve in general and on the long term. People forgot that this society is based on a tacit agreement in wich we all decided to grow and prosper without fucking the neighbour. All else, politics, laws, traditions, religions and the like are but a biproduct of us growing and developing as humans, finding our place and reaching our potential. In this context, any product of our minds is useuful until WE OUTGROW IT, like a pice of clothing. So any law isn't unmovable, it is keept until it becomes limitating and cinstrictive towards us it's creator, any politics that become a source of chaos and inmaturity instead of stability awarenes and conciusness, why are there for? What are they doing? Per Scientia Ad Astra.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I know a lot of people give u shit but I enjoyed the old tj who was more sarcastic and snarky. However: this video is pretty good imo
  • firaro reply I disagree on the order of importance for listening and freedom of speech, for from freedom of speech comes many other freedom, and what is there to listen to if noone’s speech is free I think of great importance is knowing that our voting system, first past the post, requires division, the only logical choice under it is two competing and shifting parties. And it makes it so literally to not be with them is as being against them. This is a big source of the fighting. We need to fix our voting system. But also of great importance is what you said in the video, it was well put, and a perhaps needed reminder to keep myself in check.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Once you have kids, you don't have the luxury anymore to be broad-minded. If a government decided it can take away my children because I deny a school to teach them sexuality or sharia law at the age of 6+ it becomes my personal enemy.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I like your centre aspect TJ.
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