Banjo Kazooie #11 - Nathan Plays- IN ENGLISH

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  • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming reply Yeah sometimes it takes time to figure out just how you want to do videos, but the important is you enjoy doing it. Like for me I'm sure I could make "better videos" if I was... I dunno looking up things to talk about before hand, going in with a plan, but then I'd honestly hate doing it. My favorite way is to pretty much just capture my natural reaction, and then I can still get the fullest enjoyment out of playing the game. Maybe most people don't care for that to much? But I'm sure some like that kind of stuff, and I'm okay with that :)
    • Nathan_Sample parent reply Honestly I think doing it this way is more enjoyable because it involves a lot less editing, I can just go off the cuff and relax more, and I get a little bit more content out of it. I got 5 videos done in this session, normally before it’d be 1 or 2.
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