NASA Chasing The Solar Eclipse With Jets Now

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  • [ – ] Jayling7 reply You're right, J, they are definitely pushing this eclipse viewing event. NOAA is already forecasting vast cloudiness over most of the U.S. - we could place bets on how bad the chemtrail cloud cover is going to be on that day (lol). This citizen researcher and watcher won't be using any damn governmental app - will just share what can, or cannot be seen, from up here. Hell, they already have the instrumentation for whatever data they desire, tech that's probably 50 years in advance from what we know of. Anyway, thanks for the research and sharing with us, J!
  • [ – ] jerzeydolphins reply im going to do the app thingy
  • [ – ] jerzeydolphins reply lol COFFEE is Great Morning company, ENJOY J and Thanks for early morning News
  • marycozzens reply it is interesting to me, and I hope to others here, to seek and find what people are contemplating during this event, perhaps you will enjoy checking this out, it's a Catholic idea, and I hope to find some about Native American and other anticipaters. thanks for the video, Ginny
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