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  • Branbert reply This game has a hotline miami feel to it.. but not as good.
  • Rawman reply no idea what the real time stamp was but at 6:30 left on the video you was losing your cool haha. when you got the trident that was legit!! man that was a game changer! this looks like a really good man man, great video bro you was entertaining as hell!!! i love the way you curse out the chumps when you body them haha. you savage! are you pressing something to slow down time before you get shot? that is really strange if its an automatic feature i would imagine. ALSO CONGRATS ON GETTING VIDME TO AGREE TO THE VIDEO!! SICK!!!
  • JestfulHam reply The Xman "Night Crawler" Iss whom you thinkin of...idk if we can be hammies cause you aint know that... lol jk Game looks dope, goodshiz
  • DookisWatching reply `I agree with Branbert on this one! Though I know that elevator music, I've used it before on one of my videos!
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