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  • [ – ] KaryD reply You deserve 80 million subs in reparations. Best content creator ever is facts. I am totally in love with you.
  • izzydead reply Thank you for another awesome video! I couldn't stop laughing the whole way through. Your positivity is an inspiration.
  • Jarvis2 reply Atheism is the reason for TYT. Atheists are fools.
  • GusJohnson reply Grrat video. Post more!
  • yourvagismysafespace reply How those descendants of kangz & queens, who ancestors were chained & forced to toil for white devils are treated in modern day America is appalling. How they are forced to live as a subculture, turning them into cannibal locusts, killing their own kind & destroying their surroundings, by not only the chem trails, but by chemicals placed in foods that those proud melanated peoples have been conditioned to eat. You heard me, every 40 of beer, koolaid, hot sauce, & fast food restaurant that's in the ghetto has chemicals added to bring out the worst violent tendencies, which are only found naturally in cave beasts. The original space travelling afrocoons developed a way to remove the animalistic behavior from those white devils, now those very devils have found a way to place it into what would otherwise be utopian black communities to cause the destruction of those naturally docile peoples.
  • yourvagismysafespace reply Don't you know that it was the savage cave dwelling neanderthals that stole all their technology from the afrocoon kangz & queens? So much so that they ended up switching places & forcing those who's ancestors had travelled into space while Europeans cave beasts were still sub-staining on raw meat into a stone age existence from which they would never again advance. It's disgraceful how you completely ignore all the non-holy wars that have plagued the planet in the effort to completely eradicate each and every belief system. The so-called muslim invasion of Europe, was actually an atheist purging of Christians blamed on the innocent islamists. The purging of islam from Europe, just another murder spree placed on the backs of Christians. The falsely named holy crusades, were the atheist's attempt to eradicate those of the Jewish faith and slaughtering those who follow the religion of peace on the way there. Again another atrocity blamed on the Christians.
  • Akamaze reply that kangaroo nose either looks like dick and balls, either like the bikini ass of an asian woman
  • Hijack_the_Ripper reply Conclusion: Regressives tend to be deeply antisemitic So very telling
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Lol. Pretty humorous.
  • Igbon5 reply The Mongols easily hold top spot of all mass killings in history. See Wikipedia or better yet listen to Dan Carlin's podcasts on them. You did not want to get on the wrong side of the Mongols. Were they white?
  • Master_Chief reply Made a vidme to support you and your arch nemesis Cheejay Kirk :)
  • yourvagismysafespace reply You should do a monthly "best of the worst" comments video.
  • yourvagismysafespace reply Here's the fan fiction you asked for. With every Americanized crete-ape obtaining 80 million dollars(they're going to want it tax free & in cash) the demand for gold bling(necklaces, rings(ear & hand) as well as teefs AKA grills) will skyrocket the market value, & precious stones will be available at vending machines. There will no longer be any nigroids playing professional sports as the need to work will cease. Approximately a million new record companies will spring up & the costs for rims & stereo equipment will be multiplied a thousand fold. The drive-by shootings & assorted gang violence of the past will be upscaled to tank battles & drone strikes. Billions will be won and lost on a throw of the dice. Paternity testing will become a trillion dollar industry & high end baby clothes will be a major growth market. Lawyers will charge a minimum of $10,000 an hour to write appeals, and the southern poverty law center will go out of business. I could continue but I feel my point has...more been made.
  • reverendsimonsideways reply The ever tolerant left showing the love for white hate ps I'm a atheist reverend lol
  • Squirrelcru87 reply I wanna pet the roo! :)
  • Andy2 reply I am glad you're here man fuck YouTube
  • Shingrae70 reply What was the video about TYT?
  • DangerZone reply I hear Ludovico Einaudi playing in the background ❤
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