Jim Justice, Governor of West Virginia, Leaves Democratic Party, Defects to GOP

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  • wolfalexzemla reply The democRATic party has become the globalist/transgender party
  • Auceza reply Make America great again! This isn't just a slogan. It's the reality of Trump's policy. :-)
  • Thurisaz17 reply I'm waiting on a Convention of States to repeal Obamacare.
  • LIBERTYSWF reply I wouldn't be shocked if John McCain or Phil Scott jumped ship in the reverse.
  • [ – ] GeorgeMcGee reply Very thoughtful and well spoken. This video contains several jewels! Brilliant.
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply msnbc's morning jerk says the unemployment rate at low 4.2 percent is the result of obamas hard work
  • Franz_Kafka reply Wouldn't be surprised if songbird McCain switches to the Democrooks.
  • Bad-People reply The biggest problem with the republican party is it's full of too many God damned democrats.
  • [ – ] MirrorBLK reply τø βε ƒα1Я; τнε ÐεмøςЯατ1ς/£εƒτ1§τ ραЯτ1ε§ Ðø1η9 "βμττ ƒμς]{ ηøτн1η9" Шøμ£Ð βε α √α§τ 1мρЯø√εмεητ.
  • EngineerMike reply While the democrats are out doing democrat things - Trump redpills a governor.
  • [ – ] Cryptonymus reply The rise of a credible threat to societal existence will erode the forced optimism of the last generation, and once again bring forth authentic art forms.
  • [ – ] Shimeran reply Interesting note. The only whiff of a jobs plan I've heard from the Dems involves apprenticeships, which Trump has already shown support for. It's hilarious seeing them claiming to be a resistance party while trying to swipe his policies.
  • Cryptonymus reply Fin de siecle.
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