Its time to shutdown the CBC.

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply The biggest supporters and apologist for the ISLAMIC terrorist are women who championed ISLAM in the woman's march. Where is the so called wonder woman feminist standing up to the forces of evil. The message form the Amazon Queen of the Government of Germany. Ladies that were the target of murder and mass rape. GET USE TO IT said Merkel, are these the words of a leader. Where is your Wonder Women Merkel, is she hiding behind her walls and armed guards. The media coves up these attacks committed by this violent ISLAMIC invasion. Saying anything about Jihad is racist. "GET USE TO IT", quoted Wonder Woman as she put on her Burka. Look out wonder woman down. GET USE TO IT isn't the drivel of a empowered amazon kicking ass. Will anyone stand up to ISLAM, WHILE there still free to do so. There was none just a lot of screaming girls running from the concert in England. Why run just GET USE TO IT. Islamic crime continues to climb GET USE TO IT. German and French embassy attacked in Afghanistan...more 90 murdered and 320 injured, ARE YOU USE TO IT YET. Are you ready to stand up yet or have you decided to join Islam and put on your Burka. The media covers up over 4000 child rape cases in England are you getting USE TO IT YET.. But your courts attack and prosecutes real patriots standing up to these ISLAMIC rapist. Tommy Robinson: The truth about my 4 a.m. arrest
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The CBC propaganda machine has been active since the time of the first Trudeau. The Multi-culture Marxist propaganda network started to brainwash Canadians during that time. They never present any real news, They only play supporting clips then the Report give us the Globalist interpretation of what to think. They present every story with a Globalist twist to it. These reporters do the thinking for most Canadians, as they know if they showed the entire clip we will see the truth of what was said. Canadians have grown accustomed to this form of NEWS {Propaganda} as the CBC has become the equivalent weapon that a dictator like Kim Jung Um weapon for all levels of Government in Canada. The CBC is so blatant in it's lying it makes CNN look honest. What should we expect from Justin who said he like dictatorships, His father used the war measures act to suspend rights. This gives you some insight into the Trudeau logic. That is why Justin supported Bill M-103 any criticism of Islam is Ille...moregal. Remember Charilie Hebdo was ISLAMOPHOBIC. Now Trudeau wants to push forward a Bill C-6 to make deporting terrorist illegal. Canada wake up and stop Trudeau his cabinet has a lot of ISLAMIC members and his friend George Soros is a globalist.
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