Goofy Boxers First Day at the River After a Long Winter Best Ending Ever

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  • CatPaws reply Where is this?
  • GoMGTOW reply Them are some happy Boxers! :D That's some beautiful country too, reminds me of Oregon and Washington... Loved it up there..
  • Country_Boy_Tactical reply GoMGTOW, they are very spoiled my friend. it is very beautiful here, sometimes while I drive I catch myself just looking at the landscape in disbelief I living in such a beautiful area. I will make a video of just a backwoods drive one of these days. Like both of those places without the super crazies, yet. Can't seem to keep them out of anywhere. =D
  • Country_Boy_Tactical reply On the river close to where I hang my hat Cat, beautiful right?
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