Dry Stone Tower Part 3

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Coming along great! You have chickens too? Or are they wild?
    • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply Two hens and a rooster, they are pets.
      • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Awww cute!
        • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply I had more but a Quoll killed them. They are a strange animal, like a small Tasmanian Tiger. They are fearless, run like a lizard and only drink blood from live prey. They bite the neck of prey and lap the blood, not killing it and they come back night after night to drink until the prey is dead. The Quoll killed my cat too, but when it attacked the dog and latched onto its face I was able to put a sword through it. They are hard to get rid of and usually kill everything one by one and then move on.
          • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply My rooster, Colonel Kluck, has a scar on his comb from the Quoll and he lost all his tail feathers fighting it.
            • MarzieMalfoy parent reply What?! That's quite scary! You need to organize a Quoll hunting party, like now! That sounds worse than the opossum I had in my yard a few weeks ago. It attacked my dog and we did battle. I didn't have a sword but I still won.
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