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  • [ – ] AceAcer2 reply Isn't it weird to see authorities of some countries being more concerned about protecting strangers and terrorists rights rather than protecting their own citizens? When opinions are being suppressed a revolution is not far behind :P
  • [ – ] SirRidealot reply Those governments are protecting themselves. They were elected for the welfare promises and now they have maxed out their credit cards. The solution is to bring migrants and hope it will offset population decline, generate tax revenue to fund their welfare programs and also gain votes. UK government only cares about staying in power. UK government doesn't care about native Britons or British culture... Also they don't seem to jail their radical Muslim friends, in fear of offending their religious right to do jihad...
    • yourvagismysafespace parent reply How is bringing in tons of violent welfare leeching anti-white islamics going to generate tax revenue? That makes no sense. If anything, those who have the means will flee to another country where they and their families will not live under the threat of terrorism.
  • LeslieJMcCurdy reply I thought 1984 was just a fiction book.
  • Gameskool reply Here comes that thought police! Waddup! I bet they don't follow the jihadis so close.
  • Aaronshy reply I get that not all muslims are terrorists but arresting a guy for not liking them? Really?!!!!!! That is stupid!
  • CattyDog reply England is thought policing?? PLEASE NO! Australia is usually close behind, look at the RSPCA crap.
  • 420brian reply Kill the police then kill the muslems
  • TheDeathAgenda reply So it takes years for the UK to do something about these "Hate Preachers" that spout death in the name of Islam on every street corner in London and beyond, but one man says his feelings on Facebook and gets jailed within what....months? Interesting. Not at all unfair or unbiased.
  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply Your pro pedo remark must be to a post I said on another of suit's videos. Fucking pedo, I hope you are beaten to an inch of your life, only to have the rest of your disgusting existence spent being constantly raped and stomped while locked up without the possibility of parole. Post your details & I'm sure there's a subscriber​ near you that would love to get "in touch" with you, you fucking piece of shit.
  • 442w30 reply Fuck that!
  • Brosquad12 reply Free that guy from prison he doesn't deserve it
  • yourvagismysafespace reply Big, no make that major ups to suit for putting not only this story, but all the contact information about this 'free thought expression-aphobic' pig out there for all to see. I've plastered it everywhere I tread.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply i will be jailed for being ugly
  • SylvesterSan reply I believe that rape porn was illegal in the U.K and and people need to call a place if they wanted to watch porn. What kind of retarded politicians are these countries electing.
  • [ – ] SylvesterSan reply The most idiotic countries are U.K, Australia and the U.S. Even though the U.S isn't really a country. Germany is also getting worse.
    • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace parent reply How high up were you when you got dropped on your head a child? The US isn't a country? Wtf are you babbling on about? Germany, after only a decade of being united into​ a single country, became the economic super power of Europe. Without firing a shot, Germany ruled the EU. Now they are dying under the weight of liberal control.
      • [ – ] SylvesterSan parent reply "Now they are dying under the weight of liberal control." Yes, so they are getting worse. Most people see the U.S as a continent and not a country. They are far rom the worse country in the world though. I read this a decently long time ago. Because of another argument. https://www.quora.com/Is-America-a-continent-or-a-country-And-what-does-it-mean-when-somebody-says-Americans "Some even state as an absolute fact that allows no discussion that America doesn’t exist as a continent but as two separate entities." That's you.
        • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace parent reply You really are clueless aren't you? Under liberal control? Wtf are you talking about? Just in case your care giver has kept you in the dark since November, Donald Trump is President & the republican party is not only the majority in both Congress & Senate, but they have gotten control of the supreme Court as well. All the little shitheads are running around with masks and hoodies because the reign of the SJWs(& the democrats that baby them) is at an end. Now on to the geography lesson part of your education. The Americas isn't a continent, it is TWO continents, north and south. The northern continent has 3 separate and distinct countries. Canada is at the upper part of the north American continent, mexico is where the north American continent meets the south American continent, & smack dab in the center is the country known as the United States of America. But the part that I find most appalling isn't your lack of understanding of either what political party is in control of the ...moreUnited States (even though we only have 2 parties, the Republicans & the democrats, all the others are just sideshows), or your ignorance of the most general knowledge of the layout of the world. No, what shocks me is how someone so utterly clueless to the world around them is watching suit yourself, as I don't think you can follow with the topics that he covers. In fact I believe that you only watch because his channel is animated.
          • [ – ] SylvesterSan parent reply No I actually knew everything you just said about the US. Don't know why you wasted your time explaining that. And also that it's a continent made the most sense to me. But just because you disagreed with me I won't be crying about it like you just insulted my mother. It doesn't surprise me that you watch SuitYourself. The comment section of channels are often filled with people that are acting or similar to the channel host, but the ones that are similar aren't them of course, they're just a rip off. So you're a loud mouth that gets pissed very easily. That makes perfect sense.
            • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace parent reply You knew? Now that's some funny shit right there! You 'knew' nothing about America, in fact you sourced your information from quora, & that was written by another imbecile who has to ½ a brain cell more than you. It's a continent? A single continent? Here's a news flash for ya, the continents(that's plural) are made up of separate and distinct countries. There are many shitty little countries on the southern continent, & 3 on the north. Mexico is the tumor on the north American continent, Canada is where asinine political ideas go to flourish. The only country on the 2 continents that matters is the United States of America. The reason for suit yourself's popularity is that he not only speaks his mind, but has logic backed by facts when making his point. Sad as it is, common sense isn't all that common. So when you find a creator who not only possesses such a trait but is able to articulate his views as if he is actually talking with the viewer not just reading emotionlessly​ from...more a script, that creator is a rare and welcomed asset to the platform on which he posts. On the rare occasion when he doesn't fill the video with facts and statistics is when his opinion on a subject should be shared by all, even those at the bottom of the bell curve. Topics like pedos, there shouldn't ever need to be a discussion on the subject past anyone who touches a child shall be put to death in the most painful ways ever devised by man. It should be televised not only as a warning to would be pedos, but to assure any victim of that beyond repulsive act that justice will be served. Meanwhile on the other hand, you do near 0 research when seeking knowledge. Google your question & the 1st site that shows is the unquestionable beacon of truth. Quora said so? Well then it's good enough for you, case closed. Actually fact checking is beyond your skill set, so much that buttmunch, er rather buzz feed is more your speed.
              • [ – ] SylvesterSan parent reply How do you know I knew nothing about America because I barely said anything about them. All that I said is that it's a continent. And then you got butt hurt. I'm not going to do extensive research on everything. You saying the only country that matters is the U.S shows your retarded ego. Because all countries matter. Judging pedos in such a way is inhumane and you only say that because you can't get your fragile feelings under control. If this was allowed I bet that murderers were going to suffer the same fate because dem feels. This thread was on a website were someone asks a question people answer and I took the one with the most up votes and it made sense to me. Those people are independent of the site so it is very much possible that you get shit answers and then a site gets a bad rep very easily. But you got a brain to think about what the answers are about, wether you trust it or not. By the way " Under liberal control? Wtf are you talking about?" I was quoting your comment o...moren germany you retard.
                • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace parent reply ∆ this pedo sympathizer(most likely a pedo itself) is referring to a comment I made on another 1 of suit's videos). They should be hunted & slaughtered! They should be chained to a wall in a room that has all the torture devices from the dark ages & left alone with the family. This should be broadcast on every channel without commercial interruption. There should be a lie detector test for anyone who will be working with children. A failed test( if an actual assault has been committed, see above) will result in the sicko being slowly lowered into a wood chipper & videoed. These vids will run before the the "main event" of family justice. Rapist are disgusting & need to be put down, child predators are the most repulsive of them, thus deserving the most brutal death imaginable.
  • [ – ] opaxel1967 reply can you say anything without the f word ??? He would have been well advised to keep his mouth shut and his hate opinions to himself !!!
    • yourvagismysafespace parent reply You watched suit's video & your opinion is that he shouldn't have thought bad things about the people who are destroying his country & killing it's people? Hate opinions? Are you really this delusional? Bombing children is not very nice, but saying something truthful about these savage subhuman barbarians is an​ intolerable offense warranting imprisonment? Is that what you're getting at? I hope that the cop is found hanging from London bridge with his balls sewn into his mouth & his prick is shoved up his ass on a railroad spike. If the autopsy confirms that this took place after a long torturous beating, but while he was still alive and coherent all the better.
    • tonygreene113 parent reply Stick your head deeper into the sand...maybe the moslems won't see you.
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