WHICH VERSION? Windows 10 Home vs. Pro vs. Education Comparison

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  • userXVI reply I preffer windows 6.1
  • beast-usa reply You can turn offline more background junk in Pro without hacking the registry. Uses far less memory on boot and you can have more! LOL But not many people are using over 128 yet anyway. But 4 years ago 4 gigs was good, most people today are using 32 or more gigs so in four more years? On remote you can use one monitor with home (local connecting to remote Win 10 Home) Pro you can use any amount of monitors you want. Local can have 3, 4 any amount and you can use all of them by checking "use all monitors" under remote setup. You can check that in Home but only one monitor will work. (Win 7 Ultimate & Enterprise, Win 8 & 8.junk Pro can also do as many monitors as you want. Win 7 & 8 Pro NOT 8.1 are both faster then 10) But why would anyone even want 10? It's so annoyingly slow :) and a huge system hog just too much junk running in the background. Fastest Windows OS Windows 8 Pro, Fastest OS Linux. :) Thank for the video!
  • [ – ] Rickwolf reply Watsup
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