La Maison du Pain

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  • RobOReilly reply hahahaha! Happy Halloween! I love how incoherent her anger is.
  • coralxo reply Thank you for posting this video and letting everyone know about the people/thieves in the community so we can NOT support their businesses! Keep up the great work! Needless to say the stress from stealing $5 million from their former employer; the court conviction and the public shame due to this is causing these two women to...flip out. So far as the ignorant comment made by the very self centered diedreforreal, you're as low as these two women! You stated that you're glad they stole $5 mil because they're nice to you and your family and you like their bread,Pitiful and barely worth my time to comment on. I guess you would have also excused a NAZI or KKK member who was friendly to your family and made good sausages....after they've been convicted in a court of law that they were burning and lynching people. They were nice to you and the food is good so that's ALL that matters. Sad...
  • PEEZUSWORLDTOUR reply this feels like a terrible DRONEZ episode. i gotta yelp this place
  • adampapagan reply To be fair, that guy was being a hooligan.
  • evangreenberg reply I like the trick or treat lady
  • SambaSchutte reply This basically achieved nothing except awkwardness
  • TheKingofTV reply HOLY CRAP. I gotta check that place out.
  • matchbox2323 reply The women are crazy and clearly overreacting out of guilt for being criminals and being shamed about it in public. Shame on them. I don't think I'm anywhere near this restaurant but would never go just on principle of how ridiculous they were acting toward the guy filming. You're an old lady? Well act with the civility and knowledge of one then.
  • stevek reply They put the sour in sourdough
  • devilabit reply I don't believe in karma/religion or any of that stuff. I do believe that when people carry out their lives in a dishonest way things catch up on them, and they eventually have to pay. Even if they get away with this , they'll meet their own house of pain.
  • flippo reply Please go. Police come
  • diedreforreal reply I'm glad they stole $5 million and opened an amazing bakery. That place has the best french pastries and coffee. My family and I will keep going. BTW those women are usually incredibly friendly to everyone in my family. They also employ disabled workers. I know you have a camcorder but the Times already covered this. Perhaps you should stop harassing our local stores.
  • Evlwmn007 reply Diedreforreal, what if it had been embezzled from you, or someone you know? And, how could you be glad they are thieves? Did their previous employer have to close down, thus putting however many people out of work, due to this crime?
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