Burn the Theaters!

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  • TheFerbguy reply I've sometimes had those experiences. I'd had the wet seat happen to me when I saw Nerve last year, I've also delve with those sticky floors and audiences laugh at the 'comedic bits'. Pretty much, the only time I had a whole theater to myself was when I saw, 'The Founder' at the Regal Theaters... That was until somebody went in late into the picture and sat just a few rows from me. Another incident that happened was that the projector wasn't on when I saw 'Spirited Away' last December. Sound was coming out but nothing on the screen, I'd had to go out to the nearest staff and tell them to turn on the projector. And they did just that. So far, I've only had some bad experience with movies... Other than that, an AMC theater (My theater of choice is Regal) that was playing 'Your Name' had the listing as a Dub but the film began and I was suddenly seeing a subtitled version. Not that I hate subtitled films, it's just that I feel the Theater's website kinda... coned me. My bad theater exp...moreerience have been minor to none at all at best. Not as bad as your experience, but it's a little far off.
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply My local cinema doesn't give a shit about you bringing food in and I get in half price as a carer.
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