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  • MarzieMalfoy reply It's okay John. It's Vidme, you can feel free it be who you. Yeah, I'd have some artillery set up if I knew Belinda was near too lol 50 shades of grey with Belinda.... things you can't unheard lol Magic of psychotic!!!!! Hahahahaha You're gonna need a bigger studio dude.
  • rebeledgeentertainment reply We all had a feeling John Richards mustache was fake. It's a great thing the guy is finally being open and honest with himself.
  • [ – ] TankinTom reply lol, Bobby's bit about being a dick, and John Richards was good stuff man!
  • Rawman reply Hahaha bobby said thank you and it got cut off! Bobby... It's not that we don't like you. It's just that we been begging for you to put some budget into into the show. Haha bobby that was a pretty funny intro though. "If I was a dick then John Richards would be hitting on me 24/7" hahaha ok I see you haha! John Richards is killing it today again hahaha. Never change them ways you do you John Richards but not in that way. Merlin and John Richards 1 on 1 but hopefully it's not in that way! Some of us don't wanna see that. Yoooo rogue edge!! Why you ranting about bad games that's my thing haha. I wanna see you rant about more bad games actually hahahahahaha!!! Brilliant!! Brilliant episode! Can't wait to see the next episode this crazy family gunna give rogue edge a run for his money...
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