Baby Driver Is A Total Masterpiece

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  • [ – ] Yellow_Syrup reply That's a great thumbnail you got there Jacob
  • MarkerCartoons reply Great Video. The music in baby driver is very good as well.
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply 22 upvotes but I can only see 12
    • [ – ] FrameByFrame parent reply That's weird, because I myself am only seeing 17, yet it says 22 as well on mine. Honestly as long as people enjoy the video, that's the important thing!
  • DenisCaron reply Loved this movie! Really, I love all Edgar Wrights movies. I'd agree: masterpiece.
  • Oziel_Esparza reply The ending was too bad and campy to be a masterpiece, honestly. I'd like to exclude it and consider it as a whole amazing but you can't just do that, I don't think. Also I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the third heist, there was so much hype for it and it just fell through. I did really like the use of the Beach Boys and Tyrannosaurus Rex for the soundtrack, though.
  • WithoutPaddles reply Looking forward to seeing this :) Great review!
  • LaughOverLife reply Definitely was my favorite movie i've in a while :P
  • Yellow_Syrup reply Films I consider to be a masterpiece. Star Wars 7 Logan Get Out Back to The Future Ghostbusters (2017) Filthy Frank vs. Chin Chin (Last two were a joke but still its pretty funny)
  • Cellblock776 reply I can't stand Jamie Fox. He's the main reason I haven't seen this movie. Other reviewers have said that he is the worst part of this film. So that doesn't encourage me to go see it. Then I have to admit that I'm not a big music fan so the soundtrack really doesn't draw me in.
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