Why I'm not going to Pride

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  • WalkingForWeightLoss reply Hi Persephone66. Nice to meet you on Vidme. I used to work grave shift. We night shift workers should get paid extra. I think every adult should go to Pride at least once. I'm over it myself. Here in CA I've been to Pride at Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Sacramento, and Chico. I also started and led the first visible LGBT group in my hometown, Yuba-Sutter. When I went, I always had an agenda relevant to promoting my group or interviewing people for my former YouTube channel. I don't drink/party (never have, never will), I am already well informed about most LGBT groups, I sure don't have any interest in the pandering corporate booths, and I'm not a fan of loudness and having to use porta-potties. So no reason for me to go. Perhaps I'd be more inclined to go to smaller town Prides.
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