Hollow Knight - Ep 1 | Everyone Should Play This Game

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  • [ – ] MariachiGaming reply This game has quickly climbed to my favorite games of all time, haha hilarious video you two :D
    • robindies parent reply Yes! Seriously though, it's one of the best games I've played in awhile. They did a great job on it. And thanks so much :D glad you enjoyed it!!
  • [ – ] roshugaming reply I so need to lay this game lol
  • [ – ] StayandPlay reply He's not dead, he's just not moving.....aaaaand his neck is bent in a weird direction.
    • robindies parent reply I have NO idea why I didn't see this comment three weeks ago, but.... yeah.. yeah he's definitely dead..... there's no coming back from that xD
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply Hahah! Of COURSE Albus decides now is a great time to make noise. Anytime I'm in my office and I start recording I'm bombarded with a savage sleuth of meows. :| This game is really awesome, I have to try it out myself! Great video again guys :D
    • robindies parent reply He gets reeeeal grumpy when we record because we're both facing away from him, so it's his favorite time to run around with noisy toys 😂 my childhood cat used to run up and down my piano keys when he wanted to get my attention. Animals are weird hahaha. And thank you! Yeah, this game is crazy fun! I definitely recommend it!
  • [ – ] PrettyKoolCat reply I really Like this game. You guys are fun to watch! :-)
  • [ – ] mintteamew reply Mandatory organ harvesting, only at vid.me This is another super cute game!!
  • [ – ] FoxPlays reply I saw you upvoted my video, and happy to see someone else playing Hollow Knight! It's a great game, I know the developer personally and it makes me proud to see such a great indie game coming from my hometown
    • robindies parent reply Oh wow, that's so cool! And yeah, I searched and I think only like two other people are playing this on VidMe right now :) haha. I hope it gains some traction because this game is seriously incredible. I feel like it's a classic that hasn't been discovered yet.
  • [ – ] Willyaygames reply The title of this video couldn't be more accurate. Everyone SHOULD play this game!
  • ToyBountyHunters reply Saw this game on Steam a while back, it definitely looks like it's worth checking out. It seems very Tim Burton-esque.
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