Malcom X Was Right - MGTOW

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  • JackMehoffxD reply Rage Mode Activated. Wish i had caught the livestream of this.
  • Insidio reply Live Free Or Die
  • jp9605 reply MGTOW is the path of not only spiritual enlightenment, but also the path of fighting for yourself. Most people do not even understand what Christ meant by "turning the other cheek." It does not mean laying down and taking abuse, it simply means not allowing what they say to bother you. When someone threatens your life or well-being, it is time to stand up and fight. As it is written in Ecclesiastes: " There is a time and season for everything." There is also a time to fight for what you believe even to the point of kicking the shit out of anyone that would threaten your life. Your life is precious to God. If you don't defend it, God will hold you accountable. If you let someone kill you and claim martrydom as a christian, I firmly believe God will see that as the same as suicide and curse your soul forever. Stand up for yourself. MGTOW is the shit!!!
  • Brettkeanevideo reply Yep, Mal was a man who learned the hard way. He stood by the Muslims and when he became disagreeable. They sniped him.
  • Honest_liad reply From what I have lived the most efficient way is to cut women off completely, once you socialize with them they can use the system against you, if you cut them off they have no access to your resources and that is the greatest weapon, because they are uncable of creating big ammounts of wealth themselves.
  • AItiger reply And, Malcolm X was right an thats why he was killed! When speak an people try to shut you, thats because your getting closer to the truth
  • AItiger reply The funny thing is, this movement is working! I heard a women talk about guys dont marry cuz divorces, yet its working slowly but surely.
  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply I believe in fighting for yourself, but I don't think it's time to lock and load unless SHTF, which I believe that to be far off. What I do recommend is to go your own way and focus on building and prepping your wealth, health, education, and mental wellbeing. If you focus on that, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of those who are not. Keep in mind we are MGTOW, not militants.
    • ANGRYMGTOW parent reply MGTOW do whatever we must to survive, we are dealing with an increasingly militant society with BLM and the Antifa meaning we must also prepare using military methods as well
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