Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Episode 4 | FORGET TO SAVE | Mister Shots

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  • [ – ] GHondo reply May I suggest playing the entire game on that speed, for extra challenge? I mean, sure, you promised - twice - not to put the speed up, but that can always be repealed... :) 3:39 - Fairy boy... snicker. :) 4:20 - Well, eggs require a steady temperature and humidity, so I'm assuming Malon was incubating it up her... errr, herself. She insults boys (calling them fairy boys), so clearly, she's never going to get excited, so no risk of temperature or humidity change in her... errr, incubator... :) 6:10 - I see she "gets it" from dear old dad - he runs like a fairy boy and is clearly afraid of her... :) 6:57 - Twat-gobbles. Nice. :) And given they all look the same, the family tree is probably less "tree" and more "circle"... :) 8:40 - Neat! A window that pays you to fuck off! If only all windows did that... :) 9:24 - "You're looking directly into my eyes and asking if it's a fairy. Fucking retard." Best moment of the episode. :)
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply I never know what memes you speak of! I knew those easter eggs 😎 female voice spot onπŸ‘Œ I did not like this... come at me.
  • [ – ] Mister_Shots reply I made this one longer because I forgot to upload for a few days now. Hope you like it! :D
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