Shovel knight Outtakes and Fails!

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I'm finally getting to this lol I can see why you want to do Spike the Hedgehog so bad. You love torturing yourself lol Dr. Pepper was the very first soda I've ever had. You always love your firsts lol. I think larry the Cable guy is doing something with Jeff Foxworthy now on Netflix ... I think. The only celebrity roast I liked was the William Shatner one. I'm the same way with playing games. I love talking while playing games, even if it is by myself... I just pretend someone is there. Is that crazy? lol My search history is already on the NSA watchlist after researching photos for a narration video that I did that included Lyme (however it is spelled), plastic sheeting in bulk, and chainsaws lol Oh yeah, I see the agony. Great agony song! You should totally write that down..... and now the descent to madness Last 20 minutes and I'm holding my breath when you get to the black knight. I am going to brag about how amazing and I am for watching this entire thing lol ^^^I've got...more the comments to prove it hahahahaha You are so fucking badass!!! Thank you, you are an amazing person too! Falafle!... falafel... falfal ... fuck I don't know how to spell it! lol Hope you like my book I wrote you hahaha ^^^^^^^^^
    • [ – ] Sweetpotates parent reply Holy cow! That is an epic (the story kind) Thanks for the long and thoughtful comment! I hope ya enjoyed my random ramblings while I struggled through that lol. Spike the hedgehog is probably gonna be similar to this is pain. I'm excited to see you suffer, I mean play through it! lol
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply That was a lot of work! "Feel awful." Is that how it's spelled? I heart u2.
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