London Inferno - 100s feared dead

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  • Inaflap reply I was surprised the tower didn't crumble into ash. WTC7 collapsed into ash and it didn't seem to be a raging inferno like this tower.
  • [ – ] shelbymustang reply I'm very curious to see what actually caused the fire and if they will publicly tell us the truth about it.
  • [ – ] 2016KathyBates reply When the building was built in the 1970s there would not have been a requirement to put in sprinkler systems. The 2 lifts were out of action so they had to use the stairs. The only building requirement would have been to have an escape route. But from what I understand the emergency lights did not work. This was a cheap external refurbishment only so it looked nicer on the outside - if you want to understand more watch this video
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Now I read an article where they said it was the clads on the outside which were responsible for the rapid spread of the fire. And something about insecure gas pipes.
      • 2016KathyBates parent reply That's right and the fire test that they did on the cladding was inappropriate. residents had reported 'power surges' perhaps it was a power surge which made that mans fridge explode. I have also heard that there was an 'accelerant' involved. in addition the signs which directed residents to remain in their flats - is similar to the people who were told to stay where they were by the dispatches speaking to people in the 9/11 towers.
  • [ – ] 2016KathyBates reply
    • Inaflap parent reply The Major Arcana depictions differ a lot between tarot decks. If you look closely at that tower card you have shown, we see the flag you labelled with a '1' is the Hammer and Sickle... the flag of the ex-Soviet Union. Are you suggesting that woman on the left is a Soviet Communist or are you confusing the sickle with a crescent moon?
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply It is interestenging. I just think there is something shady about the official story. I do not say it had to do with freemasonry or anything, although I know that a lot of British police directors are freemasons. All I am saying is that I do not buy the official story. No water sprinklers, no fire extinguisher, the whole building having flats which in lots of cases were inhabitated by illegals, more than 30 fire engines not able to suppress the fire, etc.
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