The Losers Will Claim Victory

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  • Verax reply Your right about this angry... A perfect example some of you may remember: Do you remember the Iraqi defense minister during the 2nd Iraq war? When the American troops were in Baghdad, basically taking over the city. The minister was saying the Iraqi forces were winning and destroying the enemy... Literally days before the regime completely fell apart.
  • Kiruna reply I think many of the just going along for the easy ride pawns have already given up. this time last year, the coffee shop I go to in the morning. it was filled with pink, purple, red hair young women with bad attitude toward me. now all that colored hair is gone. and they are now being kind, even fawning, towards this older man.
  • jesusdacreator reply To divide, weaken, or destroy the MGTOW Philosophy someone and/or a group/s at some point might have to use Propaganda in general and Character assassination as a strategy to render the MGTOW Philosophy obsolete. (MGTOW is a Philosophy develop by men for men not associate with "the men's rights movemen". The MGTOW Philosophy is a manifestation or symptom nurture in a period and environment where all men were portrayed as the primary plague or the origins of all ailments in society without the mention of men's and women's sinful or lawless inclinations. In this period women aren't viewed as capable next to men but, as victims and feeble needing to be empowered. The Legal system, Hollywood, MSM, Academics, and Many Women display contempt for the majority of average men that keeps any society alive and moving forward.) As long as Sin or Lawlessness exist in all living men and women the MGTOW Philosophy will germinate with the proper environment.
  • Perseus_Gold reply That is exactly what is happening right now with these psychotic collage leftists in the US. They are literally claiming OBJECTIVE TRUTH is a lie and a tool of White Supremacy. LMAO.
  • Lucifer66_ reply I love this... i might turn subscriber if angry gets more professional and controls himself more... less shouting more are on the right track bro
  • psalm1839 reply Yabba dabba doo
  • Dave8814 reply Any Feminist who says that the world is perfect and great is delusional. Its shockingly shortsided to think any mangina and feminazi will concede they are wrong about feminisim.
  • HyooMungus reply You are now a felon. That's going to have some serious legal consequences.
  • John_Sheppard reply like the nazis and the japs in ww2 saying the their troops that they were winning right up until the end
  • yakflow reply Seriously how are you winning? Because they say they are? Don't you see how idiotic that sounds?
  • yakflow reply But why are you winning tho?
  • Insidio reply Take over
  • Insidio reply No play games
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