Google Memo: Fired Employee Speaks Out! | James Damore and Stefan Molyneux

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  • [ – ] Big_DaddyWalter reply I decided to watch this video on vVdme since Youtube since its been confirmed that Youtube is run by Leftist thought police.
  • [ – ] abetterwest reply Well Stefan you just outdid the MSM media by giving James a platform. Amazing. James is a martyr in the culture war now.
    • [ – ] jason_favrod parent reply Stef got the scoop!
      • [ – ] abetterwest parent reply For sure, rumor has it that Jordan Peterson got an interview with homie too?
        • [ – ] CitizenShane parent reply Ah, SERIOUS?? I can't wait to see that. P.S. - Peterson needs to get his ASS over here. I checked his channel, and it looks like he's been procrastinating (at least since my last viewing)
          • [ – ] mumhustlar parent reply Yea they are all being slow here. Message all your subscription on YT and tell them all to get their ass to vid. Me!
            • [ – ] GamesterX parent reply I watch a nightly live stream on YouTube, The YouTuber said they were on to many platforms already to add another one to upload to and keep up with. So I offered to manage the VidMe page for them, It only takes me 10min to download the video then reload/encode to VidMe each night after the show.
  • [ – ] jason_favrod reply I really appreciate James' raising his voice. I don't understand why he still wants to engage with Google. I would think that If they don't want him in their company, it's better he leaves. I wish more engineers of good conscience (aka entrepreneurs) will leave the cartels and get out in the wild and start working on our broken society. I'm working in a cartel now and always looking for a way out. I think a lot can be done to fix government with blockchain, for example. Getting that huge drain off of our livelihoods would be a great boon. Besides, I remember when we were moving away from mainframe computing (decentralization), now we're going back calling it the cloud. There's a lot of good problems out there to solve; some small ones, some big ones...
    • MGTOWLIFE parent reply It's clear he is left leaning, this will be an eye opening experience. He was still under the assumption that the left can be argued with logic and reason. He tried to get ahead by discussing their rebuttals. But that's not what it's about. The first thing they did was edit, deny, obfuscate and slander him.
    • [ – ] louiethepitt parent reply he should be contacting a lawyer... there has to be a good cause here...he was fired for his beliefs and I think this is discriminatory...I definitely don't think that google has a clause that states that "all working here must be cultural Marxists"...he needs lawyers...the kind that will put google on their knees just from the bad PR
      • PorkCow parent reply That's what we all told Jontron and the Yook patrons when Playtonic went full-Stalin. But we don't know how culturally Marxist the courts are at this rate so it's a crapshoot.
      • jason_favrod parent reply let Google discriminate. I demand that right, so I must grant it to them. now if there is a contract involved, that's different, but I'm guessing Google is fulfilling any contractual obligations.
  • [ – ] TheTinkerBelles reply Thanks for posting this to VidMe Stefan! Please be sure to post a link to this video on your Twitter so people will start to support non Google entities until they stop acting like this.
  • [ – ] CitizenShane reply BY THE WAY, Molyneux; I don't advertise this a whole lot (because I didn't think anybody would believe me) but I was fired from a Google facility as well, circa 2015 (upon moving to Seattle) for similar reasons - except in my case, a rabid feminist LITERALLY madeup lies about me; which I gathered to be the case AFTER THE FACT, by learning what she said through a girl I was dating there later. I'd love to have the opportunity to share my experiences with both you, and your viewers if you're interested. Let's NAIL THESE MOTHERFUCKERS TO THE CROSS, dude... Thanks.
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply Know this: with the name calling he received, it means 100% he hit a raw nerve and got things correct. He finally saw through the agenda. Finally! But, it costs.
  • [ – ] yogdab reply Ween yourself off google guys. Firefox is an easy transition browser from chrome but there are many others. Use 'startpage' as your default search and of course use vidme rather than youtube. That's a good start.
    • robcolbert parent reply Chromium. It is Chrome.. without the Google. Firefox, Chromium and Brave. Definitely look up Brave if you're completely over Google.
  • [ – ] ikki6567 reply I'm sure Mr. Damore is a wonderful engineer but he is naive if he really believes the Left is dedicated to "openness"; what they are interested in is projecting power. The call for "dialogue" is absolutely pointless when confronted with an ideology that works through rhetoric. See Vox Day's "SJW's Always Lie".
    • [ – ] FunkyMunky parent reply FINALLY! Someone that can see through this turd. He is a moron. He knows nothing. He may have done a little research but he is ignorant as fuck. His definitions of the left/right divide are moronic, ignorant and naive. He obviously still believes that progressivism is still the way forward
      • [ – ] ikki6567 parent reply He certainly frames the issues through a very narrow lens. What is fascinating is how such a mild and basic perspective draws the shrieks of the SJW's; a small dose of reality is enough to set them off.
        • FunkyMunky parent reply I cannot believe how many plebs just saw the memo he wrote and now act like he is now on 'our side'. He learned nothing, neither did most of the viewers of this interview it seems
  • duckhk reply People on the right need to stick together. The leftists will never be satisfied. It is time the right fights fire with fire and start blacklisting these thugs. They make lists for those that tell the truth. I say the right makes lists for those that tell lies!
  • [ – ] Hagelbocken reply I had some big issues with portions of the memo like "let men be more feminine" As if we don't see enough of "man shaming" from the loony left, but then i remembered: Google is all about fixing something that's not broken. There is no need in reality to have 50/50 man/women representation, or minority group representation. If someone has the skills google needs they should not give a shit what "group" that person "belongs" to, and if that person have a problem with "there is too few of people like me here" that person should be fired because he/she obviously can't work well with others. Google: A company that want to evolve and be "diverse" but refuse to listening to different ideas. google should be listed under irony or hypocrisy in the dictionary
    • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Hagelbocken : So there's no possibility that it's the others who can't work well with anyone who they consider to be unlike them?
      • [ – ] Hagelbocken parent reply if you hadn't put that question mark at the end i would have taken your reply as just another strawman. But what makes you think that "the others" are the same as one another? If you start at a new job and can't get along with anyone because they are not "like" you, that's your problem not theirs. But if you do your best to work together with your colleagues despite your differences and they still treat you badly enough to make you want to quit, that's the company's problem because they will lose a valuable employee. That said, If you as an employer start hiring people for other reasons then skill in the job. The other employees will develop a disdain for you and the people that now have unearned privilege
        • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Hagelbocken : So if you treat someone so badly that he is forced to quit his job, you don't think that would be a problem for him?
          • [ – ] Hagelbocken parent reply Who said it wasn't? but it sounds like you're just playing dumb. But i'll tell you this: If someone feels that i treat him/her badly when i state facts, that person does have big mental problems and should get treatment before looking for another job :)
            • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Hagelbocken : So you agree that if you treated a colleague at work so badly that he was forced to leave his job, that it would not only be the company's problem but the problem of the person who was forced to leave?
              • [ – ] Hagelbocken parent reply hmmm... wierd... the last post i made does not show ^^ Anyway "the company" includes everyone at that company NOT just the "leadership" of the company
                • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Hagelbocken : In the post you made that does not show are you agreeing that if you treated a colleague at work so badly that he was forced to leave his job, that it would not only be the company's problem but the problem of the person who was forced to leave?
                  • [ – ] Hagelbocken parent reply wow you're daft :)
                    • smithpolly parent reply Hagelbocken : Wow. You really don't want to say that if you treated a colleague at work so badly that he was forced to leave his job, that it would not only be the company's problem but the problem of the person who was forced to leave
                    • [ – ] Kane_Lives parent reply Seems like you are arguing for hiring based on merit! If they did that, they'd get sued for hiring almost entirely males, all white/asian. Can't have any of that!
                      • Hagelbocken parent reply Nah Kane smithpolly here just seems to have a problem reading and wrapping his head around basic facts so he keeps asking the same moronic question again and again (trying to make a point) without realizing that his question is redundant and therefore pointless. Probably a symptom from not running a business or even having a job himself
                      • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Kane_Lives : You should look up "Blind auditions in orchestras"
                        • [ – ] Kane_Lives parent reply I would not be surprised if there are a higher percentage of women going to auditions for an orchestra than applying for jobs in tech fields, which is somewhat brought up in this video. If we are on the topic of something more masculine, then hiring based on merit will result in more males in occupations such as firefighters and military, whereas going for something more inherently feminine, such as working with children, results in more females hired. I suppose the point I'm trying to make is that in response to a comment about hiring on skill alone at Google, I made the claim that hiring in such a manner would result in more white/asian male hires, and then you bring up hiring in orchestras, a field of work with completely different qualifications and skills.
                          • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Kane_Lives : Do you know what "blind auditions" for orchestra jobs are?
                            • [ – ] Kane_Lives parent reply Do you realize there are different qualifications for tech jobs and orchestras? Doesn't matter if the person hiring can't see you, in tech, a male dominated field, "blind auditions" may very well end up with fewer female workers. Do you deny that some fields of work are more desired by men, and some by women? Do you deny that men are better at some things, and women are better at others, on a biological level?
  • AxxL_Afriku reply fuck the fucking google
  • louiethepitt reply there needs to be some kind of legal action after this... google fired someone for his beliefs and nothing more....lawyers don't you smell the opportunity here?
  • robcolbert reply Left Google in 2012. Started typing. Didn't write a memo, though. Wrote/built a whole platform to solve this problem. I'm nearly done.
  • freespeech3 reply Dropped yt now full time Vidme lets destroy these bias social lefty networks.
  • [ – ] Vidmefan101Z reply Big interview here folks, and it seems Google is as bad as we feared and fired a whistle blower because of Mob pressure.
  • CitizenShane reply NO FUCKING WAY, MOLYNEUX!!! I HOPE you made this a VidMe exclusive; but even if you didn't, this interview might just make your Career in ways you never thought possible. GREAT-JOB, Brother!!! And God Bless You, Mr. James Damore - Stefan's community (and his interview) are going to help us CHANGE HISTORY, Comrade.
  • Man_From_Dystopia reply Swapped using Chrome proper for Slimjet and Edge with Bing as main search engine, will use Vidme wherever possible. Google is dead to me.
  • CensorFreeMe reply Thank you James Damore for having the courage to write the very well thought out memo. You are absolutely correct, diversity is about diversity of thought, not just different races and genitals. You have exposed how evil Google truly is and whether people see it yet you are helping to make America a better place for everyone!
  • Auceza reply The left is open and change. Haha! Yep. Lefties are open towards censoring and change very fast the employee status of dissidents. Damore shouldn't confuse right wing in general and the minority of weird traditionalists.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply > NaziTube
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