Sig Stops Production of P320 - Upgraded Trigger Announcement

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  • SiriusJones reply I had a P220 many years ago and will say that it was a damn fine pistol. I have been carrying the Glock 21SF since 2008 and could not be happier. Of course, I am not in the Army either so draw you own conclusions.
  • Avery_1-7 reply Well, I like Sig firearms when the QA is done right. I have owned a couple - still have a couple - I feel their pistols have a high sight-to-bore axis which I don't care for. Hearing about this issue, I will appreciate my Glocks all that much more. Meanwhile, as a friend of mine once said "Wars aren't really fought with pistols." Let's see what the new 762 rifle ends up being and hopefully, the testing is done properly and our troops get an excellent new rifle.
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