Leaving vidme - 50gb limit - Sorry to my followers

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  • [ – ] subtac reply Hey friend. I've heard that email is a fraud. Have you asked anyone about it? Oh and by the way, keep the gaming vids here too. Lots of people enjoy gaming vids! Stay on Vidme and help make it greater than youtube.
    • [ – ] EPIC-BLASIAN parent reply Is it real or fake?
      • [ – ] subtac parent reply Don't know but I haven't received one of those emails and I have seen videos where people who got them found out that it wasn't true.
        • [ – ] EPIC-BLASIAN parent reply I'm surprised no one's made a video on it being fake yet..🙄
          • [ – ] Nekomews parent reply Got a email back its true. "We have to be mindful of storage costs, which is why we're experimenting with data limits on some channels."
            • EPIC-BLASIAN parent reply I see...😑 I remember them saying a few months ago, they were considering putting a cap on channels. I am kind of surprised they actually decided to try it out. Hopefully it won't stay long & things can get back to normal. 😆
            • [ – ] Sonic8000 parent reply They're now saying it's an experiment? What? Okay, so can't give unlimited storage but additional accounts won't have this limit and also not giving creators a reason as to why a limit is in place on their accounts and NOW they're saying it's an experiment? Just... what? I am so confused with their answers lately, I swear...
              • [ – ] Nekomews parent reply They can't store all the files people are uploading so they are seeing what happens when they limiting smaller channels like myself to 50gb.
                • Sonic8000 parent reply I guess. It still would've been nice to give a reason rather than a "We're adding a 50GB Storage Limit, please trash your content or else your videos will be at risk." email, y'know? I'm like 23GB+ over the limit and my videos haven't been removed yet and it's been 5 days past the date. I wonder if they're holding off due to the backlash they got about it. I mean if they're hurting for storage shouldn't all accounts have this limit, not just some? It just makes no sense if you ask me.
    • [ – ] Nekomews parent reply Well if that's the case this really sucks cuz I already removed all the videos. lol It looked official enough but you're right I didn't reach out to vidme.
      • [ – ] subtac parent reply Ya, I know it suck but just press on and start rebuilding with new vids. What have you got to lose? As far as McDoc goes, he or she can take a flying leap. You do your thing.
        • Nekomews parent reply I'm contacting vidme now if its true I really don't want to deal with deleting videos every time I upload so ya
  • [ – ] McDoc reply GOOD! Keep all this gaming shit on Youtube
    • Sharpwing parent reply What kind of content do you enjoy? Can't tell seeing how you never commented on any other video or upvoted anything to signify what you don't think is shit. I will say that I don't see what the point of bitching about stuff like this is when you have the categories listed to go and watch whatever you want.
    • subtac parent reply Dude, you don't even make videos. Nekomews creates and that is a positive thing. You don't create, just bad mouth other people. That kind of crap won't get you very far in life.
    • Trugglez parent reply You need to stop being mean! He doesent want to have to delete a video every time he makes one... Its his decision and if you don't respect that just don't watch.
    • [ – ] Nekomews parent reply Sorry you don't enjoy my content.
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