Doctor Strange - Review and Analysis

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  • [ – ] ReallyRandomReviews reply I thought the film was very good, but Benedict Cumberbatch has become a bit too big of a name and it's hard to see Stephen Strange rather than Benedict Cumberbatch I found.
    • [ – ] DVSPress parent reply I think the American accent made me forget about his true identity. He made Stephen Strange his own person, and I was convinced by him.
      • ReallyRandomReviews parent reply I'm a huge "Sherlock" fan so I found it very difficult to detach from that. That's not to say he wasn't good. Repeat viewings make it easier to accept and again, it was a good film, especially the "time-repeat" segment near the end.
  • [ – ] Crumplepoint reply I am a real human on vidme. Great vid as always. I loved it and there is so much to say about it. It's a deep movie in themes but it's not pretentious either
    • DVSPress parent reply I thought it was executed really well for a story about the growth of the character and the moral conflicts. There were a few mis-steps with the dialogue, but it's definitely on the higher end of marvel movies for me.
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