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  • mcbever reply Good info
  • 4Granted reply Awesome video, Suit. At last, someone exposed The Rebel for the familiar copy of the average ominous MSM outlet it really is. If that rat Levant sues you, so be it; at least then, the truth is out there now.
  • Sock_Puppet reply I'll upload this to minds, thanks for the mirror Suit, with blocking everything google I would have missed this.
  • rxantos reply I unsubscribed from Rebel Media the moment they started to push pro-Israeli propaganda. I knew it was corrupt, but didn't know how corrupt it was.
  • 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist reply (((Ezra Levant))) Corruption? Deception? but of course...
  • Shilly reply It is all about the Shekels.
  • mattytripps reply I watched the owner of rebel media claiming that he is being blackmailed earlier today, but i believe this guy now. The owner is a liar. This guy is telling the truth.
  • Vaggal reply I allways knew rebel media were hypocrite
  • Shilly reply It is all about the Shekels.
  • [ – ] Forestal reply Err, shouldn't he be raising money for his legal defence? Everything he's presented here is too over-edited/redacted to be worth much in a court of law, I hope he actually has more/better evidence to show when he actually gets sued....
    • Forestal parent reply Yep, I'd rather to see this settled in court-- because there's no reason why I would simply "listen & believe" anyone.
  • The_New_One reply I'll wait until this is done in court then I'll judge who deserves my money.
  • Kitabaz reply I wish vidme had a downvote. He's just a SJW mole .
  • TvenningMedia reply Thank you for the mirror. This is extremely important information for us who believes in alternative media such as the Rebel, instead of the monoliths such as CNN etc. The more mirrors and different files, the better.
  • BradLuck13 reply I only watch the Rebel for Gavin.
  • thuggee reply who cares
  • SlickDriver reply thanks for the heads up. Fuck the 'censors'
  • Darksurfer reply Somehow I dont belive him. Isn't is a perfect sortty especialy after just a few months of work. I think they want to kickstart independent career on cash they grabbed fom The Rebel and this contorversy they created. Time will tell I reserve my judgnemt untill more info to present itself.
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