⟹ BLOSSOM END ROT, 🍅 The main reason you get BER to tomato plants #tomato

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  • Endeavor-Truth reply I'm curious, what is your reason for not using gypsum?
  • Didymus reply I lost about 50% of my tomatoes this year to anthracnose. Beautiful fruits, cut them open and all moldy on the inside. Planted them in the same spot 4 years running and did myself in I guess. :(
  • rarestofallpepes reply Great video! I really need to get a soil pH test kit, I keep putting it off, but I do feel a lot on my issues are because of the poor soil where I live. Do you have any tips on how to get rid of pill bugs (rolly pollys). They are taking over my tiny garden. The problem is made worse because my neighbours on both sides of me do not remove wet leaves and vegetation from their lawns.
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