Target Marketing (with Manic Idiot)

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  • [ – ] Leppa reply Welcome to Vidme 🙂
  • [ – ] SirAdamantine reply The two of you should start your own channel. You can call it "Cute and Crazy" 😉
  • AaronPB1 reply My god gay people are so whiny. What the fuck do they want.
  • AaronPB1 reply Wait...are those people for real? They seem like a bad SNL skit. These people are morons. Everyone is marketed to. Welcome to reality.
  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply I've just watched this on Manic Idiot's channel, and I just had to comment. I thought your name was Viper's Word when written in all lower case. It was only reading the description that I saw it written as ViperSword. Curious.
    • [ – ] Vipersword100 parent reply Yeap, Viper Sword at your service. Just call me Viper
      • [ – ] JonTheBemused parent reply Well, young Viper (I can say that because I'm old), I look forward to sampling more of your wares. Though I hope it will be more substantive than provided by the retards in this video. Such as watching paint dry. Lol. (I reallly don't enjoy Ash. She even makes Riley Dennis seem intelligent by comparison.) You can probably tell that Ash brings out the grumpiness in me. And given that I am naturally grumpy to begin with... 😎
        • Vipersword100 parent reply I don't mind grumpiness. This was my first time responding to Ash and I've only poked Riley once....I don't want to poke that bear ever again.
  • MSeijin reply So they want us to worship them, but also be seen and not heard?
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