On What Comes After Google

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  • JarlOfSwot reply The funny thing about YouTube, the content that isn't getting demonetized is pirated documentaries. Thats right, pirated tv is just peachy. My whole attitude to Google and YouTube is "You don't get to advertise at me at all. You've lost that right." They're gaining enemies rather than allies and that is going to start showing in their revenue.
  • coon_my_dude reply "I love Nick to death, but yes, I was a complete shitfuck a couple days to him" Story of my life past half a year. But anyway, I like what he suggested about working ways around to not give google money: since one gets 70 cents off each dollar they get in supewrchats (muh wage gup) and the rest goes to youtube, he suggested just accepting tips via paypal.me or what have you. As to videos getting demonetized, he appears to no longer care as much and is willing to demonetize his entire channel if YT doesn`t get its shit straight, just to not let google make any more cash off him. How is the nigga going to survive now I don`t even know... Now when it comes to HO whom you also mentioned (dammit he was right about Candid and Google connection with those bots!), Tim`s primary platform is now Twitch and he also makes most of his income there so he`s ditching yt entirely. Also, life and other factors but he even urged people to unsub from his youtube channel. And don`t forget all of his shit w...moreas already hacked ones for indeed having opinions that are too harmful... in any case we had been warned. As to me, I have no idea whether to start making actual videos, when it comes to YT that is. Here, I may turn this acc into an actual channel, who knows...
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