On Lauren Southern and Pride Parades

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  • deejf reply So, basically, this: http://www.theonion.com/article/gay-pride-parade-sets-mainstream-acceptance-of-gay-351 More and more of the Onion is turning out to be prophecy.
  • DrunkenUncle reply Some truth was dropped here today.
  • vanners reply There is a HUGE difference between someone who experiences same sex attraction, someone who has an alternate gender identity, and the LGBTI... activists. I totally understand same sex attraction, I'm not as on-board with gender identity (mainly because I don't think people should be defined by their sexual proclivity), and I despise the activists. Activists are trouble makers who, in "defending minority rights", actually make life harder for a LOT of people who never wanted these activists to advocate for them. I also have a hard time with being told I have to accept everything about someone identified as a minority, even if their actions would be considered reprehensible if done by someone of a different group. One thing that equality really SHOULD be applied to is equal responsibility and accountability. It seems though, that some activists want everything EXCEPT that.
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