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  • tmosley reply Israel desires a middle east that is destabilized for two reasons. First, this prevents them from uniting into a pan-Arab state that might be an actual threat to them. This lines up nicely with Neoconservative doctrine (see the wiki on neoconservatism), which states that the rise of potential rivals must be prevented. Second, they are covetous of much of the land around them. "Greater Israel". Sunni Arabs play along because they want to depose Shia and secular leaders and replace them with radical wahhabists. At least they did, before Trump persuaded them to stop that.
  • Ripnow reply "Never been in a fist fight" - perhaps there's the root of your answer. You can never understand the world if you have never stood your ground against the big boy and be willing to "impose costs" for throwing his weight around. The big boy did not have to have reasons for taking your ball. Why does the big boy throw a sucker punch when he could take you on in a fair fight. It's because he is shit scared that you might get in a good punch and even if they "win" the fight it will be of no value if he is going to be walking around with a shiner. Your ruling class is doing whatever the fuck they want because the willingness to impose costs is non-existent.
  • Wolfskinz reply Greater Israel, project
  • Hagelbocken reply American geopolitical interests in the middle east is very much tied to Israel just do a little digging into how much money, equipment and other resources the US have shipped there. And historically when the arab nations of the middle east have been relatively stable after the forming of Israel, the arab nations have allied with one another and attacked Israel. ref: 1967 the "six-day war" and again in 1973 the "Yom Kippur War" Both times big daddy USA was busy fighting commies in east asia. since then american "interventions" have been pretty much non-stop in the middle east (in my opinion) to make sure the arab nations are in to much disarray to again form alliances and attack their hated neighbour and (in their opinion) immediate enemy of islam. Anyway this is my speculation but with this in mind i think it all seems a bit clearer :)
  • Wolfskinz reply Economic id say.. but maybe occult, in nature also.. the derivatives contracts repirted to be in the multi quadrillions.. they must be tied to oil ect. Maybe the entire world economy implodes !
  • Wolfskinz reply The usa public govt and deep state are multi factional. Its a behind the scenes civil war, between trump backers and the statue quo?
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Dear Molly, you claim to be surprised. I think this is your humour. USA and Israeli funded groups have all types of weapons and do use them. Everyone was clued up about 5 years ago at the latest.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply The 4x2's bomb it. That way they clear the land for a greater Israel and also the people that are bombed can be used to replace White people in the West.
  • NateChambers reply I think the Middle East is the venom container for the U.S. government venom. The abused are the easiest to abuse.
  • UnPCman reply I have never heard it fathomed yet. But war being a racket... Absolute power etc. And the management behind the scenes are all engaged in power struggles within and externally. It becomes a mafia style rule that you are not supposed to be aware of.
  • mdjey2 reply There is channel called CaspianReport. The guy does geopolitical reports and analysis including Middle East . Just search in his channel about Syria or Saudi Arabia. I hope that helps a little.
  • soelindgreen reply US deep state works together with Muslim Brotherhod, and kommunists.....
  • DarkQuark reply What's going on? Simple. Evil. Now you can claim not to believe in evil but it does not require your belief to exist.
  • silentWrath reply I don't know either, but I think that is mostly because there are many variables affecting each decision. I think these do include, money, power, geo-political (alliances, access to specific resources (strategical land positions as well as resources)), and of course ideology. I think if we can find the priority of the above listed factors, then we should be able to predict how future positions will be. I have a strong belief that it is really as simple as the US military industrial complex needs to sell a ton of outdated weaponry to continue upgrading and spending. Most of the choices have nothing to do with morality or ideology. They simply come down to whomever in the area is the highest bidder. Saudi Arabia is just a prime example of this. One of the worst places on earth and the US is willing to sell weapons to them. I think if we had access to all of the information, we'd discover that most of these massive military decisions are funded by different powers, like an auction...more. However, not all of them will be this simple because strategic military bases, along with ensuring that no power in the middle east wins are very important for this auction to continue. Of course this is all speculation, I probably know much less than you.
  • Shugtastic reply Morality is only used as a propaganda tool to inspire the masses. The motivation of western leaders is always money, power and political ideology, and in this respect Clinton, Obama and Merkel are far easier to pin than Trump, who, as usual, seems to be playing by his own rules.
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