Hippocrates , Bullies and Me

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  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply That's what I was referring to, the video started and Im like "hey, so his name IS Ricky" lol I dunno my mind goes on tangents lol Aaaaanywho, your welcome dude, love your work!
    • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy parent reply Funny thing is , I read this in front of 200 people at a symposium for teens and adults with epilepsy , THAT WAS EASIER than just talking to a webcam...ass backwards huh?
      • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic parent reply Actually, I think its easier with an audience, an audience reacts, and you can gauge their responses etc, a web can doesn't give the same thing, you just have to film it and hope for the best. I find the same issue with music, I have an easier time performing live then I do making one of the clips we upload here.
  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply Pretty sure that's the first time you've told us your actual name, I mean you hinted on it when you mentioned your YouTube channel in the other video, but that could have been an alias for all anyone knew lol. Anyways thankyou for posting this one, whilst I really do enjoy your light hearted videos, these videos, the ones where you talk openly about your epilepsy and offer advice to others who have it, these are the videos I truely love. It absolutely disgusts me though that there are so many worthless pieces of shit out there who have nothing better to do then put others down for their own amusement, as you said they are COWARDS! My drummer back in highschool was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after we graduated, and if ANYONE had've talked shit about him in front of me I'd have knocked them flat, even if I had to use a truck to do it. Peace love and chocolate chip cookies with a side of oreos brother!
    • the_epilepsy_guy parent reply Well I did say at thje beginning of the video "Hey everybody its me Rick" LOL And thank you for watching , your kindness and caring I really do appreciate the input , Thank you my friend.
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