Next Up On Hillary’s Blame List, The DNC

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  • [ – ] Shimeran reply Hell of a difference from "the buck stops here" isn't it?
    • RBTV_Politics parent reply Sure is. It's like that whole email thing. The OIG did an investigation into it and released a report of their findings. In the report they say that during Powell's time as Secretary of State he used a private email account (NOT a private server, an account) because at the time the rules/infrastructure for email were still being worked out. Hillary went on the news and said "see, Powell used private email, it was normal" even though on literally the next page of the report the OIG rips her a new one saying that by the time she was SOS the email rules were very clear and using a private system was not allowed and that she never asked for permission to use one. It's like, how stupid does she think we are? We have the internet, we can read the damn report! It's on the next page!
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