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  • [ – ] acce245 reply "What do you call someone who's just there on a wheelchair?" Well if they think they're face-sitting their sentient wheelchair, I think it's fair to call them retarded. Good video!
  • [ – ] Syd_R reply Since theres no comments im gonna say something random. I always imagined sweet rolls from elder scrolls were a glazed apple pastry but according to developers their not.
  • [ – ] Mr_Cinders reply I swear, Lindsey's smirk is going to rotate clear around her fucking head one day.
    • [ – ] TheFinerPrint parent reply What did you think of her session here? She looked ready to climax whenever Ali or Teddy were talking...
      • Mr_Cinders parent reply OMG! I went back and watched it again. The first time through I have to admit I was focused more on the blonde with the tits that weren't duct taped down. But the second time watching it, jeez. Yeah. Have to wonder where the puppeteers other hand is. Someone needs to tell Lindsey that when a guy says they can make your pussy talk, They are not referring to ventriloquism.
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