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  • [ – ] phook reply Was this a project for art school? If so, I'm curious, what marks were given?
    • [ – ] attakamaki parent reply it's for my second year finals in uni! i got C with no official explanation (which always comes with the grade by the way!). however, one of my teachers told me that my project was rather offensive, hence the grade! πŸ˜…
      • [ – ] phook parent reply Maybe that's why you should've been given an A? Much of modern art is offensive to someone.. It's almost a badge of honour to demonstrates that you're pushing boundaries, as long as there's still an audience who appreciates it.
        • [ – ] attakamaki parent reply fine arts department is extremely left oriented. not only students are crazy SJW there, but teachers as well. watching them giving good grades to those who filmed the process of shaving their hairy vagina covered in glitter, or demonstrated a collection of their own piss of different shades.. getting a C from those people was an honor ^__^
  • Hamann9631 reply This video would have been banned or demonitized on Youtube. We should leave Youtube. Come to everyone.
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