Buzzfeed Feminists Demand Rights They Already Have

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  • allcatsloved reply The only person so far that have spoken for you! lol Thanks! Great vid!
  • AncientBlast reply Great work as always!
  • Golden_Ideas reply hey do you respond to comments on here
  • Tai_Moya reply Feminism + loloo "subscribe today and get screamed at not only by feminists, but by other groups"
  • blindfire reply I could understand if this were some cinematography project for a student, but otherwise I'm left wondering who the hell would pay for this kind of production? Why pay for entitled brats to make a video about their discontent at such small things?
  • GradVM reply 2:58 it should be: "Be kind, please rewind"
  • GradVM reply I think they mean: "I WANT A GOOD FUCKING"... Too bad - it's not going to happen ;-)
  • JadeJicama reply Here I thought your intro was going to be more along the lines of, "It looks like Youtube really wants me to leave the site"... since WHEN have feminists ever been quiet, and, oh, yes, Interpretive dance should REALLY get their point across.
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