Blah,Blah,Blah 4K this,Resolution that! | It's all about the "G-A-M-E-P-L-A-Y"

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  • [ – ] ShinobiNetwork reply Keeping it real with gaming. That's what's up.
  • [ – ] ChariotMan reply True facts! It's all about the gameplay..
    • Ms_K parent reply @ChariotMan mf's keep forgetting that.if they wanna talk visuals then get a f*ckin pc and put the shut to the up.lolz.Thnx for always sliding thru Chariotman
  • [ – ] SinisterTarheel reply I have a 4k tv but not obsessed bout resolution. Keeping it gaming. Starting to dislike Sony with their gaming practices. Gotta stream retro games instead of what MS is doing
  • [ – ] SinisterTarheel reply Truthness right there
  • [ – ] MeekMeekGaming reply Ain't that right sis. I'm here for games. I own all consoles and sometimes play on pc. Gaming that's what I do and play.
    • Ms_K parent reply @MeekMeekGaming thats how u do and thats how soldierzthatgame gamers roll, we own and play it all.
  • [ – ] JMacGAMING reply I unsubscribed from alot of people on YouTube cuz all they do is 6 hour podcasts talking about this resolution crap
  • [ – ] Nightwulf29 reply It's all about the gameplay!
    • Ms_K parent reply yes sir, we'll get the visuals because thats how technology is....thx for stopping by and your support.
  • [ – ] RaysSportsGaming reply @Ms_K Don't wreck the Mercedes! Ha ha ha! JK get your game on!
    • Ms_K parent reply @RaysSportsGaming lolz,lolz,i'm trying not too.Shuuuu this is an AMG gotta keep it in tact....
  • [ – ] PILLB0XGAMING reply damn straight I agree 100%! awesome vid @Ms_K! I need to play that game it looks good!
  • [ – ] OrangeJuiceJones-Games reply I'm still playing retro games so you know I don't care about 4k at the moment. Still some bad ass games from back in the day that people don't even know about.
    • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply So true which is why I'm glad that microsoft is bringing back the OG XBOX backwards compat games.if Sony did that they'd have loads of even more gamers buying thier systems and playing even more games on the platform
      • [ – ] OrangeJuiceJones-Games parent reply Sony needs to get on the ball with that. Some remakes depending on the game are where its at these days. I do love some new games don't get me wrong, but I'm all about nostalgia right now. Like you said its all about the game play for me and how it makes me feel when I'm playing.
        • Ms_K parent reply yes they do they'd make some loot off of that...(remasters) and thats what they are doing anyway might as well bring back some backwards compat games,lolz...yes its about how a game makes u feel, characters,stories,plots etc...
  • [ – ] Trugglez reply Cool video! I totally agree with your point. Have a great day :)
    • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply @HunterYT Thx for the feedback!!! you have a great day as well!!!
      • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply You only have to look at classic games to realise game play trumps graphics.. Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer... etc.
        • Ms_K parent reply @ITSnippets my point exact....Yes we all have evolved w/technology,thx for stopping thru and for your feedback
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Iv used to play need for speed hot pursuit .. I killed that game
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