WHAT IS THAT?!😰 Outlast 2 Part 6

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  • BobbyTheSheep reply HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO HUMANS!!!!!! Thanks for uploading this OUTLAST 2 video you know?!?! What do you think of the game overall? Some people like other -- but others complain about needing to get the running sequences perfect or else they die you know? I was a bit sad that this game did not come with VR support you know? Emily Wants To Play has VR support -- but it's a more simple game I guess!!!!!! Not so much running like Outlast 2. I did think the graphics for Outlast 2 were very good!!! Keep doing what you're doing human! I like the multi human commentary you have you know? As a sheep I like to see the humans interact with each other and have fun playing games. I will come and find you on the YOUTUBE!
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