The Best London Vlog Ever!!!!!

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Aww, I hope you feel better that stuff does look like it taste gross :( A slide would be so much fun lol if they added it no one would take the stairs down. @allaj hahaha lies you're funny and I loved your blouse (maybe a dress you kept dodging the camera I couldn't tell lol)
    • StefanJenkins parent reply I am feeling good now thanks. So glad I dont have to take them any more. I cant believe I fell for that hahaha :) I know right that would be so much fun :)
  • [ – ] Kirsty_J reply Nice Vlog :)
  • [ – ] PeterMcGuchan reply One Brit to another.. Nice vlog..
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply I couldn't tell, do you like the Romemnom restaurant? lol What a great vlog, having never been to London, I very much enjoyed what you did here.
    • StefanJenkins parent reply Thanks a lot I love traveling to different places. I love making travel Vlogs :) Like the food hate everything else. ahahahhahahah :)
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply I live in Boston (Massachusetts). I'm pretty freaking far from London. Actually this vlog got me inspired to try to make something about Boston, or maybe Harvard Square?
    • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply Yer its pretty far away, but a flight isn't that long. Its just saving up the Dollar that will be the hard part. I went to Boston years ago I loved it so much. Its in my top placed of America. Its so much better than NYC
    • [ – ] lambdog76 parent reply pffft Boston is like London 2.0 I'm pretty sure...
      • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes parent reply @lambdog76 I've never been to London, but from what I've observed, Boston is similar. We have a wonderful juxtaposition of old, historic architecture and wicked modern infrastructure. Except for the T (that's our subway). LOL
        • StefanJenkins parent reply I thought your subway was really good I think its better than NYCS. its amazing. the only real difference is we have more PUBS haha
      • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply in 1898 it was hahahhahah :) Boston its amazing I would 100% go today if given the chance. Might look at flights later hahahhah
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Visiting London is literally at the top top of my bucket list, this vlog reawakened my travel bug! What's the difference between DLR trains and the Metro? Or is it just automated versus manually operated? Amazing sights! I didn't realize that there were gondolas which brought you over the river! So pretty!! I'm in agreement with you on Wagamama--there are so many better options for noodles. (Sorry, Wagamama fans). CHOPSTICK MONSTER!! Thank you for a great vlog!!
    • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply DLR is 90% overground, and has driver less drivers and is only really in the east of London. and I know right! I think the food is good but service sucks! the gondolas where pretty good would recommend! :) and come to London its amazing! are you far away from England?
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